Sandslash Gijinka

Time for another Cosplay idea. This time it’s Sandslash. I actually designed this for a friend hoping it would inspire them to join us with a punk Pokemon of his own. I actually like this one, so if he doesn’t do it I might give it ago. Although I do think if could be a little more sandslash like.

Like always, you’ll have to forgive my dodgy drawing skills.
The motif on the shirt has to be design yet, it’ll be a dessert landscape with maybe a sand devil shown in it and the words ‘sandstorm’ printed boldly across it to symbolize sandslash’s attack. The t-shirt would be the classic punk DIY style t-shirt with small ripped holes across it.
A simple pair of cargo pants that have been cut and torn up, the classic punk wallet chain attached and then to finish the clothes off a orange tartan shirt to be tied around the waist because it isn’t a punk look without tartan, right?

The hair is probably the only thing explicitly says sandslash to me, its dark brown and tipped with a little bit light brown just to make it stand out a little more. Then styled in laying down spikes like sandslash’s back spikes.
I though I’d add gloves too, fingerless leather brown like sandslash’s claws with two fingers in white to mimic it’s claws.

Over all, as I said before I like the look. I think I still need to build it up a bit more to be more like the pokemon. Or I could cop out and just get a toy sandslash and carry that around. It would look more like a trainer obsessed with sandslash then though.

Maybe I could so something with the idea of claws like large arm braces in brown leather with white claws coming off that. It would still be punk but more like the pokemon then.
Sandlsash is a little tricky because he doesn’t have much to define him besides his spikes and claws. As always its a work in progress.

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