5 on 15 : Heroes

Its time for a another 5 on 15. This months theme is Heroes. I didnt have much trouble finding things that represented this theme, what I did have trouble was adding some sort of varity to it.

This one features Pint sized Pop from Funko. The spiderman run, I haven’t completed the set yet but these are the heroes I have got. I focused on the peter pop because I don’t think he gets enough love. And after there is a hero behind the mask too.
With this photo I tried to play with the aperture a bit, keeping the focus on one pop while the blurring the other into the background. I think it worked out just right.

This is my deadpool necklace, I made it ages ago, hence it looking a little battered around the edges. It was actually made as an experiment but once it was done I fell in love with it. Does deadpool count as hero? I suppose hes on the fence…
Tried to play a little with the reflection/shine in the wood making the background a little more interesting without distracting from the main image. I think a more reflective surface would work better with that idea.

A Spider-Gwen poster. This was a gift last year and I’ve loved it since I got it, it has taken center space on my wall. For some reason the frame always makes it hang wonky but I like it like that. Not much to say about the photo itself. Its a fairly plain and straight forward photo.

Look at this packing! Its brilliant! I didn’t fuss too much over the photo composition on this one because I just love the packaging and the product. Its an acrylic cut Superman symbol necklace from Snikt and Bamf Its such a good effect all together that I wanted to include it in heroes.

My last hero of the post, is Anita Blake. This is part of the collection I have, its all the old covers, can you see what my favorite one was?
This is another shot at the focal point photo. Didn’t quite work out as well as the Pint sized pints but its not too bad I think at a lower angle would have worked better.

Thats all for this post!