A Nail Oil Adventure

Have you checked out SimplyNailogical? Why not? I insist you go and check her out now.


Since I have found her youtube channel I fell in love, with her nails that is. She has such an amazing talent with nail art and combined with her sassy sarcasm its just a brilliant channel. And she uses the most beautiful holo nailpolishes, dont know what a holo polish is? She has a video for that can tell you. Just go watch a couple of videos and you’ll get what I mean, cause this post isn’t about her she just kinda helped inspire it.
So what I wanted to talk about was nail oils, watching all her lovely nail videos made me look at my nails and think they could look better. A lot better. Mostly because of my job, I tend to deal with a lot of cleaning product, paints and oils, so it does take its toll on my hands.

Photo 12-11-2015, 21 12 21Photo 20-02-2016, 12 25 47

Sorry the first photo is so dark, I obviously don’t like photographing my nails when they are dry and icky. But in both you can see that around the nails is all dry and the skin is breaking. Basically they have seen better days.

Its not massively bad, I’ve seen girls with nails much worse than mine but I do already have a small nail routine in place, that it seems to be maintaining their state but not really improving it.
Watching SimplyNailogical she always talks about this nail oil, Bliss Kiss Pure Oil. I was skeptical, as their are a few bloggers out there that do a lot of sponsored bits. So I did a bit of research and it does seem that this particular product does have either really good reviews or neutral ones. Sounds good, right? The only issue is getting it to the uk. This is official website, the prices actually look reasonable for the products, what doesn’t is the shipping. £9 to ship it which pretty much doubles the cost and for one item that I don’t know is going to make a difference. I get the cost, Im not complaining about it as such, its a business they need to cover their costs, that’s cool. It just that I don’t want to pay over £20 to try something that I don’t know will work for me. I mean if there is anyone out there that wants to go in with me and buy a few things that yeah I’ll probably go for it. Or if there was a few other things I was buying from there then yeah it works out worth it. But as it stands now, I would rather see if their are any alternatives more locally to me to try.

So I did what anyone with access to Youtube does, I searched for reviews and nail oils. What I found was a dozens videos of people swearing that they make their own oils and have done for years and its pretty made from much stuff you already own. Like everyone other DIY video out there. Surprisingly though I did actually own most of the stuff that people claimed worked. So what the hell I thought lets try it.
I’m not going to link all the videos I watched because there was quite a few and some weren’t as helpful as others, I will link this one because it was informative, she listed alternatives and seemed to know what was going on and why she was adding different things. She made it look so easy.

I tried it. Not to the exact recipe that was mentioned in the video i linked but something close. This is what I used :
Olive Oil / Coconut Oil (Several other videos recomended these as an alternative to Jojoba oil)
Sandlewood oil
Teatree oil
Caster oil
Sounds like it should have worked right? No. If you are making an Nail oil don’t add coconut oil. This is what will happen :

Photo 06-03-2016, 23 53 11Photo 06-03-2016, 23 51 47

Yeah, coconut oil, is a solid so it made the whole mixture a soft mush. On a good note as you apply it, the solution melts so it kinda worked. Because it melts so quick and with very little heat, I’ve been sticking it in my pocket for a 5 minutes before using it and then its back to a liquid. It smells great, but it leaves my hands oily which I’m not fan of, so far I’ve just been using it when I know I have time to massage it in for about ten minutes.
So after that semi-fail, I did cop out and finally found an apocathary branded one in Boots, that smells of roses. This one

Ive been using it about week now and I think its starting to make a difference. The skin around my nails has really softened up and hasnt ripped or flaked much. Hopefully if I can keep using it then my nails will also grow a little longer and stronger.