Welcome to MaladjustedFreak Blog, this little section of the web offers a small selection of examples and experiments of graphics, DIY and random ideas that I have worked on. The main aim of the site is for me to try and expand my own skills and maybe share a few things I’ve learned. A this blog has developed my interests have developed, there will be more cosmetic and slightly geeky post popping up. Anything you think might interest me and you want to hear about then feel free to ask or comment with.

But who are you?

I’m Hanna otherwise know and Maladjusted, Maladjusted-freak or in rare occasions avoiceofed. Thats me there on the right.
I work full time as a retail Manager and spend most of my free time on my little Mac, crafting, painting my face or daydreaming. I have dabbled in graphics and Make up for years and have gotten so much better than I ever thought I would. Dont get me wrong I am no expert but I love the challenge of creating something different, especially if its something I haven’t done before. Unfortunately, sometime I do have a rather short attention span unless I have set myself a target so I do sometimes get fairly distracted by shinny things in the nearby vicinity.

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  1. Nice to see the site, Hanna. Looking good so far.

    ~ Signed, a Not-So Mysterious Stranger.

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