5 on 15 : Invasion

This months 5 on 15 theme is Invasion! I tried to do something a little different with this month challenge. As I haven’t really focused on the photography element of the challenges I that to want to change. I focused a little too much on trying to find something that fit the theme, so you may notice that I get a little loose with the themes from now on but hopefully it’ll allow me to explore a few new techniques and photography tips. 

With a bit of luck you’ll see an improvement in my skills. Also in each of the photos, I’ve use manually setting and I have not touched them up or edited them in anyway, they have literately come off the camera like this. Hopefully this will mean I’ll rely on photoshop less with future projects. Lets get on with this months photos.

Gonna start with this one. How does it link to invasion you ask? Well there is one there that doesn’t match the rest. Can you guess which one? So he’s invading the group. See what I did there.
This photo didn’t come out how I wanted it at all. You can see the general idea I was going for which was a line up but I couldn’t get the angle or the depth right. The general coloring a lighting aren’t too bad which is how it made the cut. Beyond that there is nothing more to say.

It’s an Alien, one of the pendants I made from resin. I actually like this one I purposely tried to capture the light reflection to try and make it look a little more 3d. I’ve taken products before and always tried to loose that shine to show the products detail but seeing as this is more artsy I took liberty. I kinda wish I had used some sort of coloured lighting just to see how it would look. Maybe next time. I did try to add more light textures to make the image more interesting by using a sequinned pillow as the backdrop. I like that effect but I think it needs more. 

This one hasn’t really got much technique behind it but I’ve never use the time feature on my camera so I had to try it. I really need to work on my own posing. This shot features me in my CyberDog shirt because Cyberdog loves invasion and alien stuff. I also need to work on zooming in with the timer feature. I’ve figured out that I need to mark out the space that can be seen in the view and that will make it easier to put something together that looks better. Probably need to work on facial expressions too. 

This one I like. It features a couple of figures form the anime Evangelion where ‘Angels’ invade earth (sorta). With this one I was trying to play with the depth perception more. I tried to capture three layers of depth. The foreground of Asuka (Character in red), then Shinji (Male figure) and then finally the books in the very background. It works. The layer with shinji could have been a touch cleared to make it stand out more from the books though. I think maybe moving the figures a little further apart might have been better. Retrospect is a wonderful thing. 

Save the best for last. Its a Doctor who inspired shot of the Vashta Nerada from the silence in the library episode.
I used a round lamp for the background to look like a glow sun like backdrop. Then used a smaller light at the front to light the figure up against the backdrop to make sure he stands out as a focal point. Using the light at the front made him resemble the Vashta Nerada even more as they were lit from inside their suits. Although the episode didn’t have any flare-y suns, I think it really makes it feel spacey and a little daunting.

To sum up, I felt like I really challenged myself this month. I love how two of the shots came out. Yes, I would normally edit them as well so they would look even better but I purposely left them raw so I can see where I’m at skill level wise and where I need to focus to imporve. I really want to get better at using the manual settings on my camera, so I can take better photos that need less time to edit and clean up.

The Kittens : James

I can’t believe that I haven’t made this post yet. This is basically going to be me showing off my beautiful kittens; James and Nyxie. I’m pretty much going to be writing them a profile as you’ll probably be seeing them floating around images everywhere. Going to start with James then write Nyxie up in another week.

We bought them about three months ago, technically they were my birthday present as we are finally in a permenate place that means we can have pets again. And I love them so much!
Their breed is called a Ragdoll and they are purely indoor cats. They cannot go outside at all. This particular breed has no homing sense so if they get lost they tend to just wonder in a straight line and never find their way home again. They’re called rag dolls because when they are lifted or carried they go limp. Well, they are supposed to. These two will only be held if they want too. Nyxie even has a habit of climbing my back to sit on my shoulder to watch what ever I’m doing. Especially if I’m in the kitchen. James on the other hand is much bigger so he try’s to stretch his way up but won’t actually climb up. He knows he’s too big.

James is the younger of the two but he is a fair big bigger than Nyxie. In fact last time we went to the Vet he weighed 4kg to Nyxies’ 2kg.
He was named after James bond, so we’ve affectionately nicknamed him 006 because he isnt quite as debonaire at 007. This is his general expression, he always a little supprised and curious about everything. But he is vert cautious. He will follow nyxie if she does something but he is a bit of a scaredy cat and wont do something on his own. He is incredibly loving but only when he feels like he wants a cuddle then he’s very demanding for it.
His favourite game at the moment is to pull down all the tiolet roll and make a little nest out of it. Its the cutest thing. He hates being left alone and will always follow you about the house, though he likes to pretend he’s a tough cookie.
He absolutely loves sitting in the highest places he can find and will happily chill there and watch the room, sualyl till Nyxies comes along and bugs him to play. He loves to be craddled like a big baby, I think because it the easiest way to tickle his chin and tummy.
Brushing for james is a big no no. He just wont stand for it, doesnt matter how many treat you have or if you tried when he was asleep he will just walk away if he see that brush.

Stayed tuned next week for details of Nyxie!

5 on 15 : Heroes

Its time for a another 5 on 15. This months theme is Heroes. I didnt have much trouble finding things that represented this theme, what I did have trouble was adding some sort of varity to it.

This one features Pint sized Pop from Funko. The spiderman run, I haven’t completed the set yet but these are the heroes I have got. I focused on the peter pop because I don’t think he gets enough love. And after there is a hero behind the mask too.
With this photo I tried to play with the aperture a bit, keeping the focus on one pop while the blurring the other into the background. I think it worked out just right.

This is my deadpool necklace, I made it ages ago, hence it looking a little battered around the edges. It was actually made as an experiment but once it was done I fell in love with it. Does deadpool count as hero? I suppose hes on the fence…
Tried to play a little with the reflection/shine in the wood making the background a little more interesting without distracting from the main image. I think a more reflective surface would work better with that idea.

A Spider-Gwen poster. This was a gift last year and I’ve loved it since I got it, it has taken center space on my wall. For some reason the frame always makes it hang wonky but I like it like that. Not much to say about the photo itself. Its a fairly plain and straight forward photo.

Look at this packing! Its brilliant! I didn’t fuss too much over the photo composition on this one because I just love the packaging and the product. Its an acrylic cut Superman symbol necklace from Snikt and Bamf Its such a good effect all together that I wanted to include it in heroes.

My last hero of the post, is Anita Blake. This is part of the collection I have, its all the old covers, can you see what my favorite one was?
This is another shot at the focal point photo. Didn’t quite work out as well as the Pint sized pints but its not too bad I think at a lower angle would have worked better.

Thats all for this post!

Jiggly Cosplay : Hair, Make up & Accesories

Part two of the jigglypuff cosplay breakdown. Toady we are looking at the Wig, the makeup and The Mic. For the background and the dress see the previous post.

The Hair. This was the hardest part of the look, it’s obviously a wig but have you ever tried to do a victory roll in your hair? Yeah, looks good but not easy. And trying to style it to look like the jigglypuff curl with none of the wig cap showing is even harder. But look at the curl! It lasted all day too.

I bought the wig ‘lily’ in ‘rose pink’ from coscraft.com. A site which I cannot recommend enough, their customer service is great and very prompt. Anyway back to the wig, I spent forever watching countless videos to try and learn to do a victory roll and working out how to backcomb the wig. The tricky part was getting the curl to stay in place and how to have styled in the very center of the forehead while not exposing too much of the wig base. I cannot guess how many times I style and re styled it. Eventually I got the shape just about right and quickly covered it in styling wax and pinned it with booby pins to hold it solid.

There isn’t too much I would change about this wig if I was to re do the cosplay. I may think about gluing the curl because there was a few strands that fell a little out of place throughout the day but that was because there was some strong winds outside. To be honest it was actually quite resilient bearing in mind this is the first wig I’ve styled.

The Mic. This cosplay came with a prop, the mic that doubles up as a pen and yes so does this prop, as you can see in the photo. This was one of the reason that someone actually recognized my character too.
All it is, is a plastic tube with a lid on either end, cut a hole big enough to fit the nib of a marker through one side and push a wooden skewer through the other side then masking taped the whole thing and painted it black. Lastly stuck a polystyrene ball to the top of the skewer and painted it green, sealing and securing the polystyrene ball to the tube with glue. and painting that black. Simple. The only thing I would change about this is trimming the bottom of the round polystyrene ball to be a bit flatter, even with extra glue it was starting to pop away from the handle/tube by the end of the day.

The make up. So excuse the dorky expression. We were pulling faces when this was taken and was the only shot that had my eyes closed showing the make up.
As you can see, I painted my eyebrows pink to match the wig. That was something I’d been experimenting with for months because making such dark eye brows a light pink without dye isn’t easy but I managed it sorta. Using NYXs pink mascara and Barry Ms Dazzle dusts, just kept applying them till I got the colour I was after.

The eyes have a simple layer of pink eye shadow (Barry M) but what I liked about the look was that I’d drawn a very fine line above the colour with black eyeliner, coming from the tip of the outside of the cat eye to the middle of eye socket. Inspired from the rockabilly look. You can see I went in very heavy with the blush, dragging it quite far up my cheeks for the cutesy effect to match Jigglypuffs look. They only thing I think I would change about this look would be the foudation, Because of the sun lately I had developed a little tiny bit of tan so I applied the foundation thicker that I normally would to try and pale my skin out and was a bit on the cakey side.

Lastly, the lips were a metallic Jeffrey Starr lipstick, from his last collection. Seriously his liquid lip sticks last all day, even for smokers. I was originally going to go with just a bright pink but it didn’t look right. I think the metallic made it pop a bit more.

The picture on the right was taken after we went out for the evening, so just before I took my make up off completely and I hadn’t bother touching it up at all. So I was seriously impressed with it. This is the difference when you use primer and setting spray.

Anyway that was my break down of Jigglypuff rockabilly. I know it was a long one but there was a lot I learned from this that I am proud of. I know its not the most ambitious cosplay out there but I loved it and will be wearing it again. So look out for photos!

Jigglypuff Cosplay : The Dress

So I went to MCM london in May. Being the cleaver person I am, I didn’t think to take photos to blog about it. So wait till october and have a blog for you about the weekend. This little post will be about one of the cosplays I wore, what I learned while making it and what I might do different in the future. I’ve had to split this into two posts so expect part two in a few days.

The image at the top is Jigglypuff. She’s a cute little puff isn’t she? Thats who this Cosplay was based off. Jigglypuff. 7The idea behind the cosplay was to do a humanoid version of her. Not sure why I picked Jigglypuff, to be honest, but I certainly had a bit of fun with her. I think because its something so pink that I would never do it any other time so MCM was the perfect time to do it. I had this idea of doing a rockabilly version of her because of her curl and because in the anime she sings, then puts people to sleep as that’s her ability but she get angry and draws on people faces when that happens.

Seriously proud of this one. I know its simple but we all have to start somewhere right? Any way let’s get on with the breakdown of what I did.

The dress was probably the simplest part of it, I just bought a dress off Sammydress.com, it cost less than £10 and took about 4 weeks to arrive. It originally was a white dress that I dyed pink. The dying process was a bit tricky as it’s a synthetic material meaning I had to buy specially formulated dye to get the right colour from Amazon which cost more than the dress. It was a fair bit of guess work to get the colour right and it did come out a bit darker than I wanted but it worked.

I would have loved to have made the dress from scratch and did toy with the idea of doing so for a while but my sewing skills are certainly not up to that challenge, yet. If I was to re attempt this one, I’d spend a little more on the dress initially, to get one that’s the right colour and that fits better too. You can see in the some of the photos it doesn’t sit quite right and looses the flattering quality of most flair dresses in this style.

I did make a few modification to the dress besides dyeing it. I added a bit of white translucent fabric to the cleavage as without it there would have been slippage. That neck line was low! Also added some iron on gems in the shape of music notes on to the front of the skirt. Though I loved that bit of detail, the gems did start dropping off very quickly. Not sure if it was down the quality of glue or the fabric. In the future painting or sewing a design might be a longer lasting option.

Nearly forgot my favourite thing! The petticoat! Golly these things are so much fun to wear! No modifications or anything just the first time I wore one and look at the puff it give the skirt. Its fabulous darling! I really want to add a few rockablity dresses to my wardrobe just so I can wear more petticoats.

The last part of the outfit was the cardigan, it’s a simple white cotton shrug. I wanted it to break the pink of the dress up a little and to try to lighten the whole image. Again I didn’t really do much to this besides another iron on patch in the shape of pink music notes. Also wore it because I’m not a massive fan of my own arms so this let me hide them a bit.

Next post, Make up, Accessories & Mic!

Enchanting Eyes : PS Felt Eyeliner Pen

This eyeliner is different. Surprisingly different. *Spoiler Alert* It works! I bought this on a whim, I’ve been hearing so much stuff about the Primark beauty ranger lately I figured I would try a few bits a pieces. I was actually looking for an eye shadow pallet but none of them really spoke to me but I saw this eyeliner and a lipstick (which I’ll talk about another time) and thought for the price, I’d try it. So I have been trying it for the past couple of weeks. Read on to see what I thought.

Lets start with the packing. It looks like a black pen, nothing fancy, nothing special about it. Its light weight and feels generic. Not much to comment about it. I’m personally not a fan of the black and gold colours and the font looks a bit tacky, that’s just my opinion though. The lid clicks in place and holds really well so no chance of it falling off in your bag and covering everything in black.

It is fine felt tip pen. The brush nib feels fairly sturdy and draws a nice fine line. It seems easy to control and apply. Because the nib is so fine it draws beautifully under the eye as well in a really fine line that can be faded to nothing. Not usually a fan of pen liners, I always find the applicators blunt after a couple of uses and you don’t get as much control as when it was new. With this one, I’ve used it multiple times over the past couple of weeks and the nib is still firm giving me good control and a really precise line.

The colour is black. And its a true black no comments needed there really. It’s tricky to mess up black liquid eyeliner.

What really impressed me was how long this lasted and how well it wore. I always get the little gap right at the outside of my eye where my eyes water and the liner disappears. I didn’t with this. The only time I wore at the edges was when I teared up at the cinema.
I wore it over 8 hours and it still looked fairly fresh and complete. I was impressed to say the least. For me this is a big plus, one that might actually make this my regular eyeliner.

I will say the first time I wore this, my eyes tingled every so slightly. It faded pretty quick so it might have been because it was the first time I wore this formula. It was just the tiniest bit of tingling so if you have sensitive eyes I might be a tad wary of it, try first if you can.

£1.50 is all this eyeliner will put you back. For that price you cant go wrong, you cant get cheaper than that for a decent eyeliner. It great price point.

Final thought about this product? Buy it. If you haven’t already go out and just buy this eyeliner. Why are just sitting there, go out and buy it. Are you going to try it? If you have how did you get on with it.

5 On 15 : Mutation

I like a good blogging challenge and I’ve just finished one because it wasnt suitable for me or this blog but I’ve found one that looks quite fun. It only requires one post per month on the 15th with 5 photos based on a geeky theme. I found it here, the site is called ‘Scruffy little nerd herder’ and it’s full of really cute posts including everyday cosplay ideas. Check it out.

I’m kinda already three months behind on this challenge so I will be posting the two I missed at some point but I wanted to try and keep pace with anyone else that was taking part in the challenge so I’ll start it this month with the theme mutation.

What in the bag? March Edtion

Quick note : I know that the last two posts havent had any images pop up in them. I missed canceling those posts, I have corrected it now hence the images in this post and updated the previous ones.

The contents of my make up bag changed quite frequently depending on where I am going or what I’m wearing, like anyone else. Saying that, there are always a few things that don’t change, my staples, if you will.

First off is the bag itself, this doesn’t change often and I cant see this particular one changing for a long time. I love it! I think it was actually a pencil case or something but if was a gift from a friend as make up bag. And if we’re honest, are you really not going to use a Spiderman bag?

Only downside to this bag is that it is on the large side. Luckily most of carry bags are fairly large so it works for me. Plus it means I can pile things into it without removing anything, cause you know laziness.

This is my main little mirror. Again it was a gift from a friend of my mum’s. Its one of those laser cut wood designs that she picked out for me from my facebook images. So the back reads Maladjusted FREAK. The front has a picture of me and my name on it. Yeah, I know seems a little narcissistic but its just so damned cool. Plus I like the photo so there.
The mirror is kinda small, about the size of £2 coin but I only ever really use it on the go to touch up my lipstick so this worked out perfectly for me.

This is Barry M’s show girl mascara, this hasnt left my make up bag in forever. One of my favourite top up mascaras to use throughout the day.
You can see it’s a bit battered, because I ave had it probably a bit longer than I should and that whole time it had lived in a make up bag. This baby doenst even know what a dresser looks like.

This is another one that doesn’t really leave the make up bag, Rimmel’s water proof Kohl pencil liner in Noir. I wear this every day. I think I have about three pencils just in case I run out.
But it might be replaced soon, look out for more details in an upcoming post.

The last thing in my bag this month is NYX’s Lip lingerie in Exotic (Lipli 12). A bit of a new addition but I love how it can be worn with nearly anything just finish the face or freshen up a look after a long day.

And that is what is in my bag! A bit of a long post, I think next time I’ll try to condense it a little. But what are thoughts on the products I keep to use on a daily bias? What is in your bag?

Remarkable Removers : Nivea Remover

I always think that make up removers get a bit over looked in the fabulous world of beauty. So I wanted to talk and rave about Nivea’s Double effect Make-up remover.

Boots has this description on their website about it :

NIVEA® Daily essentials Double Effective Eye Make-up Remover with a two-phase extra strength formula:
The oil phase effectively removes even waterproof mascara and eye-make-up.
Specially formulated and tested for the sensitive eye area.
The aqueous phase protects and cares for the eye lashes with it’s caring formula, without leaving an oily residue.

To be honest I first picked this up because it was half price in Boots and it looked cool, having the two liquids separate was awesome. It was an impulse buy that just looked fun so I had to try it.
I have not found anything that works as well as this does on anything. And I mean anything. For those of you that wear the long wear lipsticks like Jeffree Starr or LA splash this wipes it off with one swipe. Got waterproof liner on? No worries this will make easy work of it. Do I sound like an infomercial yet? I’m not surprised, this stuff is amazing! I’ve got about three bottles, what can I say? It was on sale.  I’ve already finished a bottle too.

I am an avid wearer of Waterproof eyeliner, lots of eyeliner, everyday. So I am very familiar with panda eyes. Even after cleaning it off the next morning, there they are my beautiful panda eyes. Bold as brass. Now admittedly I used to use various make up wipes and they always left my skin feeling a tad irritated and didn’t really remove all the make up.
If I’m totally honest the Nivea make-up remover doesn’t really completely remove all the eyeliner/mascara either, there is still little traces left over in the morning but its hardly noticeable. Probably just the traces from between the lashes.

The bottle mixed up just to break the chunk of text.

This is an oil abused cleaner, so if you have oily skin this might not be for you. Beginning of the bottle was fine, probably about half way through the formula became a fair bit more oily. This is probably because in my mixing of the formula as I used it may have been inconsistent. Lets be honest, in the real world it happens. For me it wasn’t so bad, I generally use an face cleanser after to ensure no residue is left. But I did find it left me feeling a overly oily, but only when I’d used a significant amount of product. When I first started using it, and when I started the second bottle it’s great. My skin doesn’t feel dry or irritated.

The other thing I should feel I should mention is that if you have enough make-up on it will take a few swipes to removed, a cotton pad can only hold so much make-up. Once that is full, for lack of better of description, it will just start moving the product around on your face. Though that easy enough to remove with a clean cotton pad too.< For £3.89, this is a bargain and a half. I don't think I can praise this product more if I'm honest. Have you tried it? What were your thoughts?