Sandslash Gijinka

Time for another Cosplay idea. This time it's Sandslash. I actually designed this for a friend hoping it would inspire them to join us with a punk Pokemon of his own. I actually like this one, so if he doesn't do it I might give it ago. Although I do think if could be a

The Palette recycle!

Lately I've been watching a lot of make up de-potting and pressing videos and of course I wanted to try it but I have nothing to de-pot my pallets in to... Well yet. I did have a half used sleek palette that the mirror broke on. And it basically gotten a bit battered because I

Snow Photos

If you were in England in the last week you would have seen some snow. Seriously, we cannot handle snow, every thing shut down for three days. The road weren't gritted or anything. This post isn't about that though, what it was was a great oppertunity to play with my camera so I'm going to