A Jigglypuff Sample look

Lately I've been sampling the Cosplay world a little more. And it something I want to get more involved it. Unfortuneatly it is a very online base comunity because there are so many people from everywhere who are into it. And we all know how I am at maintaining an constant online presence. Its getting


Getting dressed this morning I realzied I hadnt done a shop finds for this tshirt place, that is amazing. So here we are. A while back I ordered a couple of t-shirts, from a company called teeturtle. If you couldn't tell, I like Dr who and Cats. Cats probably a bit more, because cats are

Models Own Polished

This post is going to feature polish from Models own because there was a stall in milton keys that sells nothing but Model own stuff and they had a deal on nail polishes. I could resist and hopefully this will show you why! Can we just take a moment to appreciate that photos taken in

Nail Art Update.

A ying Yang Design, This one just came out messy. Not sure if you can see it but due to the way I had to keep layering its come out quite bumpy, nor did I clean it off around my pinkie nail. I did also have issues with the black, its quite old now so

Crafting Troubles

The other day I was doing my resin thing, I went for my glitter collection as pictured (well some of it). Also noticing for the first time that it is fairly sparse... This was not a good sign... So I had just pulled a cute frame from the mold, as you do. I also had

Shop Finds : Pound Shops

So this shop find is a little different as its not about one shop/stall/seller, its about general finds in Pound shops. Now I used to be a complete snob when it came to Pound shops. Thinking that only the lowest of the low shopped there and that the product quality was absolute trash. Nowadays I

Review : The Faculty (1998)

So I have seen this film a few times, but not for a good few years. The basic premise is that aliens are taking over a small school by taking over the faculty, hence the name of the film. A group of misfits find out by witnessing the death (and infestation) of the school nurse.

London MCM 2015

So I went to the MCM London on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And its taken me two weeks to write this little piece. To say it was brilliant is a supreme understatement. The cosplays, the booths, the people it was brilliant. And that is all I can say about a three day weekend. Ive already