Forgotten Favorites : Star Trek Voyager

This will be a a bit of a sparodic series of posts. Where I will randomly find something, most likely a book or film that I used to love but for what ever reason I’ve forgotten about. So I’ll be reliving the childish glee they used to give me.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Star Trek Voyager. Mum got me in to this one, she’d always been a fan of the star trek series and I always enjoyed watching them with her. Voyager for me, was aired at the age when I actaully paid attention more, if that’s the better right way of putting it. I was able to grasp the concepts and follow the plot and sub plots better. Dont get me wrong, I could alwys follow the episodes of the series that came before but this one was my favourite. Mayebe because it had a much stronger female presence maybe because I was just at the age where I could appreciate is diffrently. It may have even because there as a borg lead character. And Everyone knows that the borg where the most interesting species.

My favourite episodes I think would have been the ones that have the characters acting out of character, like ‘infinate regress’, which happened to be the one that made me want to write this post. Seven of Nine, developes multiplue personalities due to proximity to a destryed borg cube. In the episode she acts out all these different charcaters that she probably helped assimilate. Its a fun episode that actually lets you see more of the charcters devlope.

This is one of the few series that I dont really dislike any of the characters or epidodes. Some of the character did take a while to develope into themselves, like B’lana and Harry but even in the beginning they were a decent crew/cast that worked. The story lines sometimes seem a bit flat but, again, it worked. It was enjoyable. You didnt have to sit and watch every episdoe you could deep in a and out of the series happily without missing big chucks of the storyline.

I will admit that it probably wasnt the strongest series of Star Trek family but its one that I think I will always have a fondness for.

What are your feeling towards Janeway’s crew? Love ’em or hate?

A Jigglypuff Sample look

Lately I’ve been sampling the Cosplay world a little more. And it something I want to get more involved it. Unfortuneatly it is a very online base comunity because there are so many people from everywhere who are into it. And we all know how I am at maintaining an constant online presence. Its getting better though, well my ablity to respond to social medida is getting better if know you in real life… Baby steps okay? Im getting there….

Anyway, If you been here before you’ll know I did a bulbasaur cosplay last year. It was really basic but I was dammed proud of it. Unfortunately I didnt get any decent photos of it. Also something I will be working on when I get a bit more time. I’m much more a behind the camer type of gal, so geting photos of me is tricky.

This year I want to try and put together a Jigglypuff cosplay with a bit of a rockablity twist. If Im going to Pink, I need a bit of edge. So I’ve been playing with some make up looks and colours and thought why not share it.

So this where I’m thinking of going make up-wise. At the minute, as you can see, it so not finalised. i think its too pink and too loud over all.

The eyeshadow at the moment being too much. I think I need to switch that to a matte white. Most rocker looks Ive been checking out dont have much on the eyes besides eyeliner. So I think that needs to be simpler. Also think avoiding the smokey style is the way to go.

Moving on to the eyeliner, not sure if you can see it very well in the photo but its a standard cat eye with a second line going into the crease of the lid. Again this seems a little too subtle. So that needs to be lift to make it a bit more obvious. Its a new technique for me so a bit of practice and I think I can get it down.

The blush, I think is on point. I am not usually a blush person, in fact I wear it so rarely I had to purchase this one specifically for this look. Its a bit heavy but I was trying to make it look very pink and cutesy. Not a look I go for often.

Lastly the lips. The lips are also awesome. Most of the rockablity looks have very vivid lips so I think this works.

I’ve also been playing with the idea of pinking up my eyebrows. Though I cant that looking right at the minute. Give me time.

And before anything is said the wig isnt styled. That is my next part of the project, putting a victory roll or two in the hair. Hopefully I’ll have that done by my next post, at least I’ll have an updated Look by then. I might even be happy enough with the dress to show it off.


Getting dressed this morning I realzied I hadnt done a shop finds for this tshirt place, that is amazing. So here we are. A while back I ordered a couple of t-shirts, from a company called teeturtle.


If you couldn’t tell, I like Dr who and Cats. Cats probably a bit more, because cats are so awesome and cool. And a Dalek cat is possible the coolest thing in the world. These are the first two designs that I ordered.
I forget exactly how much I paid but most of their shirts range between $15 -$20. Notice that they are in dollars, the company is based in the USA but they do ship internationally, I think paid about $6 to ship to the uk which is great. And the shipping time was fairly reasonable, I believe I only waited about a week and half. Of course the shipping time will change depending on the time of year, christmas will take longer but that would be for any things in the post. Though saying that I did order one for a friend early december and had it within two weeks so Photo 10-03-2016, 17 03 52
I’d hazard a guess and say they are well organised.
Not to mention if you sign up for the newsletter you can get notifications about sales, offers and new designs!

Most of the designs feature cute and quirky characters that are inspired by our favorite films, TV series and games. They even have some awesome crossovers, check out some of there Pokemon crossovers they are hilarious. And this company is happy to play on puns which is really not a bad thing.

The shirts are 100% cotton and most of the designs are screen printed, well according tho their FAQs, anyway. The print quality so far seems to last pretty well. The shirts you can see here have been through the wash at least 4 or 5 times with barely any affect on the colours or print.

This shirt on the right is my last purchase a couple of months back, is it not awesome?
Just in case my awesomeness is too much the shirt reads ‘It’s good to be bad’ and features Maleficent, Deadpool and Loki. Also lets not comment on how my selfie skills suck. We all had to start somewhere, right?

Anyway if you havent aready go and check them out, they are brilliant with some brilliant designs, and this post is not sponsered so all my chatter is just free publicity for them because I can.

Have you got any teeturle design or are you going to get some?

Models Own Polished

This post is going to feature polish from Models own because there was a stall in milton keys that sells nothing but Model own stuff and they had a deal on nail polishes. I could resist and hopefully this will show you why!
Photo 01-03-2016, 15 51 40

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that photos taken in direct sunlight always come out so much better and one day I will have a whole page of beautiful nail photos because I followed the rules and took all the photos daylight.

(Left photo)This was a another dotting tool one, I like the dotting tool it just so easy to use. Not sure if you can see it either but that base colour is metallic lilac and surprising shinny too. Definitely one of my new favorites. Photo 04-03-2016, 12 27 20

(Right photo)This one has received an absolute tonne of compliments, probably because it pretty much glows in the dark, so you cant exaclty miss it. I couldn’t resist that yellow though, its so bright even when I tried it in the stall without a white base it looked neon. Ive tried neon yellows before but this one really took the cake and raved with it.
The dotted design didnt really work that well with it, I think next time something a little more contrasting might be better. You know because I need to blind more people with bright nails. Photo 06-03-2016, 17 12 41

(Left photo)This I think is my favorite of the latest nail I’ve done. Because of the that sheer polish im holding is awesome. Its a blue tinted with a really fine pink iridescent glitter. Another one that is so shinny and light catching that it was tricky to get a decent photo. I kinda wish I’d done the pink heart in a slightly more pastel colour but putting that shimmer over lot still brings it together really well, more of a pastel shade just would have worked a tad better.
Now I have to think of more pastel design so I can use this shimmer so much more!

Nail Art Update.

Photo 23-02-2016, 21 48 01
A ying Yang Design, This one just came out messy. Not sure if you can see it but due to the way I had to keep layering its come out quite bumpy, nor did I clean it off around my pinkie nail.
I did also have issues with the black, its quite old now so doesn’t always want to play nice. But not to worry, I have since purchased a new black and will soon be using it.
Photo 26-11-2015, 08 40 26

Does this remind you of a certain vault?
Yep, its my fallout inspired nails. Yes I know the colours aren’t exactly spot on but its a little tricky to match something out of my current collection and this was the closest. Its inspired by the classic vault suits, I was going have one of the nails have the vault number on it instead then remembered I can only draw with my right hand, so wouldn’t have been able to replicate the design on the other hand. Ah, nails problems.
Photo 20-02-2016, 12 25 47
Excuse the chipping on this one, I literately put in on went to work and they chipped within a couple of hours. This is why nail lacquer is important kids.
As you can probably guess this is a Deadpool nail in honor of when the film was released. All I used to create his face was a dotting tool and more impressively I managed to get the designs on both hand to look pretty close.

Thats all folks! For the time being anyway…

Crafting Troubles

The other day I was doing my resin thing, I went for my glitter collection as pictured (well some of it). Also noticing for the first time that it is fairly sparse… This was not a good sign…
Photo 10-03-2016, 15 53 50
So I had just pulled a cute frame from the mold, as you do. I also had a lovely set of lips to go with this frame. All seems to be going to plan so far, so I had this idea, go with a black glitter and make the piece really monochromatic, it would be stunning. Now this is where the I hit a snag.

I do not own any black glitter. *Insert face of horror here*

I know, what was I thinking? Black is the first colour of anything I go for. And how on earth did it take me this long to realize I don’t have black glitter? So trip to ebay it is.

After an hour of looking at shinny things on ebay, I have ten, that’s right 1-0, glitters arriving hopefully in the next few days. Perfect for the next resin session.