Black Friday Haul

Most of the stuff I ordered black Friday has finally arrived, there is still a few pieces that were pre-orders, typically these were the geekier items I order so this post will be another beauty based one but on with it!

This is the whole haul excluding presents which if Im honest was most of my shopping so this is a smallish haul but one I’m super excited about!

So the first thing I had to get was Make up Geek duo chrome eye shadows.I’ve wanted to try the brand for ages and the pans were going so cheap that I had to, plus who can say no to a duo chrome?

I picked up Havoc (left) and steampunk (right). I couldn’t quite get the duo shimmer in the photos. Havoc has an awesome green shimmer in the brown and Havoc had gold to light brown. I forgot to take photos of the swatches but seriously happy with these. I haven’t worn them out yet but when I do it’ll be on instagram so look out for those!

Of course Im a lip junkie so I got lipsticks. Only three though, talk about restraint. 2 of which were LA splash, who has recently changed there long last formula so I needed it. So far I like it, less drying than previous ones I’ve tried.

This is Baneful, a browny nude, something I dont own anything close to so it had to be tried, right? I’ve already worn it a couple of times and its perfect for everyday sorta looks.

This is the one that I spent ages looking at various swatches and really trying to work out if it would work for me or not. Most of the swatches came across really pastel lilac and I can’t really pull off the pastel lips. Thankfully it’s actually a lot darker than I thought it would be. And as an added bonus when you rub your lips together green glitter appears! Its brilliant and I can think I totally pull it off!

How cute is this? It’s an angry face hugger! I wasn’t looking for it I was looking for presents for others and saw this and had to have it. Look at that face! It so dammed cute! It’s about the size of of my hand so a bit smaller than I expected but it’s cuteness makes up for that.

This is another one that I’ve been wanting to try for a while but I always had lip scrub so never really needed it. This is the Root beer flavour and seriously get it for the smell! It is divine! It smells so yummy I genuinely had to stop myself for eating it as I opened it. The best smell ever. I used once and it’s comparable to the lush ones.

Nearly to the end of the haul now. Of course, I had to get a Jeffree Star lipstick, it took me the longest time to decide which one I wanted because of course I wanted all of them! So I had to restrict myself to one.

I love this colour, if Im honest his is the colour I wanted from watermelon which was a lot brighter! This is such a perfect normal colour for me, I’ve wanted more everyday colours for a while but I can be picky for the longer wear stuff. The formula is fantastic as always for Jeffree Star stuff. It’s fantastic!

And that’s my haul! At least the stuff that has arrived and isn’t presents. Im also waiting on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer pop and Spider-gwen comic but they were really on black friday sale so I guess they don’t really count.
This was a bit of a different post for me but I actually liked writing it so I may do more of these. It also seems that Nyxie also liked my haul.

Yeah, I dont think I’m going to have that face hugger for long.