Kick Ass Kisses : PS Lip Fix & Shape up

Golly gosh! Another lipstick post. I swear I do use other make up and there are some posts lined for other products but I am a bit of a lip junkie so enjoy anyway.

This time round I’ve been playing with a primark product. Now, I enjoy a good Primark purchase, like any one else but I never really expect much those purchases. Primark is the epitome of disposable fashion. Its great for it. Over the years I have purchased tones of stuff from there and not much of it lasts but then it is fairly cheap. So, as I said already I never expect much from them. I enjoy while I have it and don’t sweat it when its gone. I never tried any of their make up lines, so I figured it was time to try a few bits. Its youtubes fault….

What really caught my eye about this was the packaging of the liquid lipstick. It comes in a black tube that looks a little like a paint tube. I thought it was really cute and different. They have kept the colour scheme really simple, sicking to mostly black with white writing and a bit of detailing in the colour of the lipstick which in this case is a hot pink. It doesn’t look expensive, its fairly plain but simple and to the point. I really liked that about it. The liner follows the same principle and colour scheme, though it does have the pencil colour more prominent with lid being that colour. It works.

I did get both because I though this is primark make up, it will need all the help it can get to stay in place. Normally I don’t bother with liners. So this review/trial will be talking about both items.

Lets talk formulas and applicators, I cant comment too much on the pencil formula as I don’t use them very often, so have nothing to compare it to but I found it went on quite well, it was nice and creamy also felt very light. One thing I was a little worried about was that with the lipstick it would feel very heavy and think on the lips. It didn’t. Its a simple pencil, needs to be sharpened once its blunt which I don’t like in my pencils but is an industry standard. The colour was stronger than I thought it would be, it was opaque in a single layer so that’s a plus.

The liquid lipstick itself was a lot nicer than I expected too. It was really creamy, almost moose like and glided on really nicely and was opaque in pretty much one layer. A tiny bit of streaking but only if you looked really closely. Drying time was probably about two minutes and there was a little bit of transfer at first but didn’t fade the colour at all. I think it may have just been where I applied a little bit too much and the excess hadn’t fully dried.

As you already know I am a sucker for lasting lipstick, I hate re dappling so the less work the product is, the more I like it. I think one definitely lasted a good while. I think I wore it about six hours before it started to show some serious wear. It was fairly comfy to wear at first but did start getting a bit drying after a a couple of hours.

Over all, I’d probably buy this again, if there was more colours. I think I only saw three in store and they were pretty standard shades of pink, red and brown. For the less than a fiver for both, its a bargain.

Enchanting Eyes : PS Felt Eyeliner Pen

This eyeliner is different. Surprisingly different. *Spoiler Alert* It works! I bought this on a whim, I’ve been hearing so much stuff about the Primark beauty ranger lately I figured I would try a few bits a pieces. I was actually looking for an eye shadow pallet but none of them really spoke to me but I saw this eyeliner and a lipstick (which I’ll talk about another time) and thought for the price, I’d try it. So I have been trying it for the past couple of weeks. Read on to see what I thought.

Lets start with the packing. It looks like a black pen, nothing fancy, nothing special about it. Its light weight and feels generic. Not much to comment about it. I’m personally not a fan of the black and gold colours and the font looks a bit tacky, that’s just my opinion though. The lid clicks in place and holds really well so no chance of it falling off in your bag and covering everything in black.

It is fine felt tip pen. The brush nib feels fairly sturdy and draws a nice fine line. It seems easy to control and apply. Because the nib is so fine it draws beautifully under the eye as well in a really fine line that can be faded to nothing. Not usually a fan of pen liners, I always find the applicators blunt after a couple of uses and you don’t get as much control as when it was new. With this one, I’ve used it multiple times over the past couple of weeks and the nib is still firm giving me good control and a really precise line.

The colour is black. And its a true black no comments needed there really. It’s tricky to mess up black liquid eyeliner.

What really impressed me was how long this lasted and how well it wore. I always get the little gap right at the outside of my eye where my eyes water and the liner disappears. I didn’t with this. The only time I wore at the edges was when I teared up at the cinema.
I wore it over 8 hours and it still looked fairly fresh and complete. I was impressed to say the least. For me this is a big plus, one that might actually make this my regular eyeliner.

I will say the first time I wore this, my eyes tingled every so slightly. It faded pretty quick so it might have been because it was the first time I wore this formula. It was just the tiniest bit of tingling so if you have sensitive eyes I might be a tad wary of it, try first if you can.

£1.50 is all this eyeliner will put you back. For that price you cant go wrong, you cant get cheaper than that for a decent eyeliner. It great price point.

Final thought about this product? Buy it. If you haven’t already go out and just buy this eyeliner. Why are just sitting there, go out and buy it. Are you going to try it? If you have how did you get on with it.

What in the bag? March Edtion

Quick note : I know that the last two posts havent had any images pop up in them. I missed canceling those posts, I have corrected it now hence the images in this post and updated the previous ones.

The contents of my make up bag changed quite frequently depending on where I am going or what I’m wearing, like anyone else. Saying that, there are always a few things that don’t change, my staples, if you will.

First off is the bag itself, this doesn’t change often and I cant see this particular one changing for a long time. I love it! I think it was actually a pencil case or something but if was a gift from a friend as make up bag. And if we’re honest, are you really not going to use a Spiderman bag?

Only downside to this bag is that it is on the large side. Luckily most of carry bags are fairly large so it works for me. Plus it means I can pile things into it without removing anything, cause you know laziness.

This is my main little mirror. Again it was a gift from a friend of my mum’s. Its one of those laser cut wood designs that she picked out for me from my facebook images. So the back reads Maladjusted FREAK. The front has a picture of me and my name on it. Yeah, I know seems a little narcissistic but its just so damned cool. Plus I like the photo so there.
The mirror is kinda small, about the size of £2 coin but I only ever really use it on the go to touch up my lipstick so this worked out perfectly for me.

This is Barry M’s show girl mascara, this hasnt left my make up bag in forever. One of my favourite top up mascaras to use throughout the day.
You can see it’s a bit battered, because I ave had it probably a bit longer than I should and that whole time it had lived in a make up bag. This baby doenst even know what a dresser looks like.

This is another one that doesn’t really leave the make up bag, Rimmel’s water proof Kohl pencil liner in Noir. I wear this every day. I think I have about three pencils just in case I run out.
But it might be replaced soon, look out for more details in an upcoming post.

The last thing in my bag this month is NYX’s Lip lingerie in Exotic (Lipli 12). A bit of a new addition but I love how it can be worn with nearly anything just finish the face or freshen up a look after a long day.

And that is what is in my bag! A bit of a long post, I think next time I’ll try to condense it a little. But what are thoughts on the products I keep to use on a daily bias? What is in your bag?

Remarkable Removers : Nivea Remover

I always think that make up removers get a bit over looked in the fabulous world of beauty. So I wanted to talk and rave about Nivea’s Double effect Make-up remover.

Boots has this description on their website about it :

NIVEA® Daily essentials Double Effective Eye Make-up Remover with a two-phase extra strength formula:
The oil phase effectively removes even waterproof mascara and eye-make-up.
Specially formulated and tested for the sensitive eye area.
The aqueous phase protects and cares for the eye lashes with it’s caring formula, without leaving an oily residue.

To be honest I first picked this up because it was half price in Boots and it looked cool, having the two liquids separate was awesome. It was an impulse buy that just looked fun so I had to try it.
I have not found anything that works as well as this does on anything. And I mean anything. For those of you that wear the long wear lipsticks like Jeffree Starr or LA splash this wipes it off with one swipe. Got waterproof liner on? No worries this will make easy work of it. Do I sound like an infomercial yet? I’m not surprised, this stuff is amazing! I’ve got about three bottles, what can I say? It was on sale.  I’ve already finished a bottle too.

I am an avid wearer of Waterproof eyeliner, lots of eyeliner, everyday. So I am very familiar with panda eyes. Even after cleaning it off the next morning, there they are my beautiful panda eyes. Bold as brass. Now admittedly I used to use various make up wipes and they always left my skin feeling a tad irritated and didn’t really remove all the make up.
If I’m totally honest the Nivea make-up remover doesn’t really completely remove all the eyeliner/mascara either, there is still little traces left over in the morning but its hardly noticeable. Probably just the traces from between the lashes.

The bottle mixed up just to break the chunk of text.

This is an oil abused cleaner, so if you have oily skin this might not be for you. Beginning of the bottle was fine, probably about half way through the formula became a fair bit more oily. This is probably because in my mixing of the formula as I used it may have been inconsistent. Lets be honest, in the real world it happens. For me it wasn’t so bad, I generally use an face cleanser after to ensure no residue is left. But I did find it left me feeling a overly oily, but only when I’d used a significant amount of product. When I first started using it, and when I started the second bottle it’s great. My skin doesn’t feel dry or irritated.

The other thing I should feel I should mention is that if you have enough make-up on it will take a few swipes to removed, a cotton pad can only hold so much make-up. Once that is full, for lack of better of description, it will just start moving the product around on your face. Though that easy enough to remove with a clean cotton pad too.< For £3.89, this is a bargain and a half. I don't think I can praise this product more if I'm honest. Have you tried it? What were your thoughts?

Kick Ass Kisses : NYX Liquid Suede

Another Day, Another Blog, Another Beauty favorite.
Today I want to rave about the NYX Liquid Suede. This has been around forever but it has only recently come to the UK and its still not available in every Boots store. Boots get on that. I can only pick it up if I go to a particular town, least I can get it and that’s the main thing.

The Boots website describes it as the following :

Doll up your lips in plush and vibrant color! NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick glides on and sets into a striking matte finish.
Velvety soft and waterproof, this long-lasting lippie creates a positively polished look with every swipe.
Personally, the packaging on these is probably one of my favorites. The tubes are fairly good representations of the colour in the tube with a black lid. Its not glamorous or oustantagious but its clean and makes an impact. For me at least. Sounds daft as well but the colour and formula details are printed on the side, which I also like. A really cool thing with NYX too is that not only do the colours have names but they have number which makes is so easy to match to the samples on the shelves when shopping!

The doe foot is longer than most and has no angle on it, which isnt like most liquid lipsticks applicators I’ve tried but that doesn’t really impact the performance of the application. In fact I think it helps a little to get right to the edges of your lips, especially the sides.

The colour payout on these is absurdly good, incredibly vivid colours. That was one of the biggest draws for me. You can choose something fairly neutral or you can go complete off the wall with these. Its colour banaza! And you don’t have to layer it up to that vivid colour, pretty much one swipe and BAM there it is!
The Forumula is so creamy and so smooth, they really live up to the name suede. And they are so light to wear! They honestly feel great, and they are not in the least drying.

The colours shown from left to right are :

Stone Fox : A grey with a slight bluey-green undertone.
Life’s A Beach : A bright coral
Pink Lust : A vividly bright barbie pink
Little Denim Dress : A massively bright sky blue
Amethyst :  A deep purple
Oh, Put It On : A dark deep purple

My only issue with these is that some of them don’t dry down completely, like most Matte lipsticks. Now that is a little expected with a formula that doesn’t dry my lips out and it tends to be the lighter colours but I guess to get that pigmentation you have give a little.

There is a bit of transfer with these, not much and the colour still holds on really well on your lips. But they also will only last a few hours without being touched up, especially if things touch your lips a lot like me. They do look mostly matte which is why I like them but be aware you will have to touch up throughout the day. which also means that they aren’t smudge prof either. Not a big deal really as they do leave behind a slight stain so thin layers are the way to go with these. Again they wear off pretty evenly so even while its wearing off its still looks half decent. They do take a bit more time, than other liquid lipsticks, to dry down probably about 5 minutes and as I’ve said it wont be completely dry. Saying that, you also expect it to be tacky but it isn’t, it stays really comfortable and smooth throughout the day.

Here’s what they look like on lips.

From left to right, we have Pink LustLittle Denim Dress and Stone Fox. I think I might try including a full face image next time.

Price is also really affordable at £6.50 per 4ml. And that will last you a while, because you only need a bit cover the lips fully.

Overall I love these, stone Fox being my ultimate favorite! I would definitely recommend these to anyone and have done.

Have you tried them yet? What did you think?

About the article; all photos were taken by me. The words and opinions made here are purely my own and from my own experiences. No products were sent to me and they were paid for by myself.

Kiss Ass Kisses : MUA Velvet

Today I am going to be talking about what probably an golden Oldie now. All the UK Youtubers and bloggers know it and love and I am no different. Today I’m looking at a superdrug special, MUA Velvet lip lacquers.
The Supderdrug website describes it thus:

Get the ultimate velvet-matte pout with this richly pigmentated, silky smooth lip lacquer. The quick-dry formula glides on effortlessly to leave a gorgeous matte finish that is smudge proof and long-lasting.
This is one that again I stumbled acress by accident a while back and picked it up to try because it was cheap and claimed that it matte. At the time I thought, why not. Best decision Ive made with an unknown make up brand. Honest this stuff is the BOMB.

The packaging is fairly plain, gold cap for most of the range. Some of the more unusual colours like white have a cap colour to match, Which annoys me just a little because is looks like the core range but doesn’t match the core range. I like uniformity, it pretty so that bothers me just a little. Not a big deal and can be over looked. The bottles/tubes come slightly frosted, which is nice but the tubes tend to show marks and scratches really easily. Again, not a big deal, they aren’t alarmingly obvious, as you can see in the images and some of those Ive had for months. They still look in fair decent shape, you only really see the marks if you look really close.

The doe foot is comes with is nothing special, its a fairly standard designed one. It lets you product on your lips so it does the job. What more can I say about it?

Now the fun part, the colours. Ive got too many to show you all of the colours on my lips so I’ve posted a swatch of all the shades I have then I’ll show a few photos wearing a couple colours just so you can get idea what we are looking at.

One fun thing I didnt notice while in stores and only found when taking photos the shades actually have names. They dont show you that in store so I just assumed to keep costs down they weren’t named. Live and learn, eh?

The swatches are fully dry. The names of the colours are listed below from left to right :

Flair; A very dark burgundy red. This one is a tad streaky like most dark lipsticks but you can build the formula a little bit to make it smooth.
Kooky; A dark mauve purple. Again this one is just a tiny bit streaky not as noticeable as flair.
Reckless; This was my first one, a vibrant red.
Moxie; A reddish pink. Possible my favorite shade so far.
Vivacity; A brighter pink, almost barbie
Passion; A peachy nude colour.
Unity; A pastel purple.
Base coat;So the white is actually a base coat, hence the name being base coat. As you can see this is a well researched article, even if its research on the go….

Can I also say, photographing your arm not the easiest thing in the world! The angle is a bit off, but it’ll get better. Below is what some of them are like on the lips.

The 1st is Unity, 2nd is Moxie, 3rd is Flair and the 4th is Passion.

Now lets talk about the actually lipstick, the smell isn’t fantastic its not over powering when you first open it, but it does have a chemical smell that does dissipates after application.
The liquid is a nice creamy texture, its applies nice and smooth. It does dry down fairly quick. Not the quickest but it’ll be completely dry with three to four minutes of application. I will say you have to be a little careful not to apply it too thickly because it will take longer to dry and flake off quicker.
The major down side to this lipstick is that it feel very drying. Pretty much every time I wear it I have to slather the lip balm on to try and re hydrate my lips. Though this could be because my lips dry out very quickly, so it might be different on you.
Once it is dry, it doesn’t feel tacky but you can feel it. It feels like a very thin layer of paint, I suppose, on your lips. First time I wore it, it wasn’t uncomfortable but I was aware it was there. Its not an unpleasant sensation and it’s one that you can get used to very quickly.
On the plus side, this lasting power is insane! Once these have dried down they do not move. Now I smoke and always have a cup off coffee to hand, so my lips are always fighting to hold on to their lipsticks. These definitely stick. I can wear them for at least 4 hours without touching up. The downside is that when they do finally give up the battle, they can flake not just wear off but flake off.

Like most it starts on the inner part of the lips and works its way from there. You can can add a layer over it to help it stay but once the flaking starts, you are better off removing it completely and apply it fresh.

I left one of the samples on for about two hours, then started rubbing at it to make it start flaking so you could see what I mean. Excuse the lighting in this one, it was getting dark out so had to resort to a lamp.

The price point on this is fantastic! £3 per tube and you get 6ml in a tube. Can you really go wrong? There maybe a few downsides to the product but they are of minimal consiqence. These lipsticks can certainly hold thier own against any other brands and the price is just so affordable, it’s iceing on the cake.

The Final word, will I purchase this again? Well I think the little collection I’ve displayed here testifies that yes, yes I will be purchasing more. In fact there are three more colours Ive had my eyes on but I haven’t been able to find them in stores yet. Once I have them I’ll post some swatches for you!
What about yourselves? Was this article helpful in anyway? Did I miss something you want to know about them? Or do completely disagree with me? Let me know!

About the article; all photos were taken by me. The words and opinions made here are purely my own and from my own experiences.No products were sent to me and were paid for by myself.