Models Own Polished

This post is going to feature polish from Models own because there was a stall in milton keys that sells nothing but Model own stuff and they had a deal on nail polishes. I could resist and hopefully this will show you why!
Photo 01-03-2016, 15 51 40

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that photos taken in direct sunlight always come out so much better and one day I will have a whole page of beautiful nail photos because I followed the rules and took all the photos daylight.

(Left photo)This was a another dotting tool one, I like the dotting tool it just so easy to use. Not sure if you can see it either but that base colour is metallic lilac and surprising shinny too. Definitely one of my new favorites. Photo 04-03-2016, 12 27 20

(Right photo)This one has received an absolute tonne of compliments, probably because it pretty much glows in the dark, so you cant exaclty miss it. I couldn’t resist that yellow though, its so bright even when I tried it in the stall without a white base it looked neon. Ive tried neon yellows before but this one really took the cake and raved with it.
The dotted design didnt really work that well with it, I think next time something a little more contrasting might be better. You know because I need to blind more people with bright nails. Photo 06-03-2016, 17 12 41

(Left photo)This I think is my favorite of the latest nail I’ve done. Because of the that sheer polish im holding is awesome. Its a blue tinted with a really fine pink iridescent glitter. Another one that is so shinny and light catching that it was tricky to get a decent photo. I kinda wish I’d done the pink heart in a slightly more pastel colour but putting that shimmer over lot still brings it together really well, more of a pastel shade just would have worked a tad better.
Now I have to think of more pastel design so I can use this shimmer so much more!

Nail Art Update.

Photo 23-02-2016, 21 48 01
A ying Yang Design, This one just came out messy. Not sure if you can see it but due to the way I had to keep layering its come out quite bumpy, nor did I clean it off around my pinkie nail.
I did also have issues with the black, its quite old now so doesn’t always want to play nice. But not to worry, I have since purchased a new black and will soon be using it.
Photo 26-11-2015, 08 40 26

Does this remind you of a certain vault?
Yep, its my fallout inspired nails. Yes I know the colours aren’t exactly spot on but its a little tricky to match something out of my current collection and this was the closest. Its inspired by the classic vault suits, I was going have one of the nails have the vault number on it instead then remembered I can only draw with my right hand, so wouldn’t have been able to replicate the design on the other hand. Ah, nails problems.
Photo 20-02-2016, 12 25 47
Excuse the chipping on this one, I literately put in on went to work and they chipped within a couple of hours. This is why nail lacquer is important kids.
As you can probably guess this is a Deadpool nail in honor of when the film was released. All I used to create his face was a dotting tool and more impressively I managed to get the designs on both hand to look pretty close.

Thats all folks! For the time being anyway…

Geeky Nails

So time for another nail post, these are some of the more geeky recent nails Ive put together.

IMG_6497As usual please excuse the state of my hands, my job is quite manual so they get grubby sometimes.

First up is a simple black and red design that originally was going to be a Deadpool themed nail art but kinda didn’t work out that way, so its just a black and red one. But it was the first time I added gems to my nails which I think I love. Just stuck them on with clear lacquer, and then added a coat over them for some extra hold. They actually stuck really well, they even lasted at work without chipping too badly.

IMG_6489IMG_6488Next up features a set of nail stickers from Nail Inc, that I got on sale from Boots. Ive tried nail stickers before but never really liked how they stuck, these ones were only half sized stickers so I thought they would be better. And you know what they were! Went with a simple pop art theme by painting the nails in bold colours then adding the stickers to random nails and then filled the partial empty space with white dots. The yellow nail is the only one that didn’t quite work, the shade was too pale so for the next time I’ll use a darker shade.

IMG_6507My last nail look for this post is possible my favourite! I mean who doesnt love pokeballs! This one was super easy, I made the pokeballs all different angles as I didnt want them all to be the same, though it might be a tad dull. But all that was needed for this was a small paint brush and a single dot! <3

Shop Finds : Killer Bunny

Another Camden stall for you to stop by and check out Killer Bunny, yes that’s also his website linked. Its an art shop/stall as Im sure you can see (he also has a couple of comics going). Its also the first place I bought a print. I tended to avoid buying prints because I always think I’ve got no where to put them but you know what? When you spot one you really like you will find a place that you can frequently see it and go awww when ever you walk past… Well that might just be me but you get what I mean.

Jeff Michalik, is the name behind these fantastic illustrations, he is based in the Market stall building and I think the stall is open all week, 10am till 6pm. Killer Bunny seems to be an orginal character that features very strongly over that stall, (and looks wicked in both senses of the word) and features in his orginal comics, which at some point I will pick up. There are also some of the classic super hero character drawn in the same style that makes them seem a little darker and slightly twisted compared to their traditional imagery. The one that really caught my eye was the venom piece pictured below, a favoured Spiderman villian of mine.
This one was his smallest sized print, an A5 size which I even manage to fit into a overly decorative/fancy frame, it kinda works though doesn’t it?

This stall is definaly worth a check out. I always have a quick nosey as Im passing. If you cant make it to Camden you can check out the site, it even looks like He’s been to a few MCM in London so it might even be worth trying to find him there.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.

Shop Finds : Yococo

One of my favorite places to wonder around is Camden, if you haven’t been then please why not? Seriously its a great place to go. Yes there are a lot of shops on the high street that sell the same things for quite inflated prices but if you go past the lock there are some great little
stalls in the market place with wonderfully unique things. Little by little I will try and post a few of my favorites with a couple of buys from each one (if I have bought something from them, of course.)

The first place I would like to bring to your attention is Yococo. They have two stalls, one in the main market place near the stables and one near the food courts. Its a simple stall with purely t-shirts and vests. I’ve personally bought three vest from there at a fairly reasonable price.

IMG_7029.JPG IMG_7027.JPG
These were my first two buys. An Xmen top featuring Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue. You don’t see enough xmen merch out there so I had to get this, double bonus as Gambit and Rogue are on there. The second it R2D2, I’m not a massive starwars fan but the acid wash on this worked so well I couldnt resist. Plus you get a discount if you buy two.
If you didn’t already know, Venom Rocks my socks. I saw this one and pretty much squealed which could be seen as embarrassing as I was on my own at the time. But I got a Venom vest so there.

All their vests are one size fits all which normally I hate, not being a size 0 which I swear most ‘one size fits all’ tops are designed for (I normally fit 14-16s comfortably). These fit really well without pinching in the wrong unflattering places. Each of the tops is marked with the logo at the side there, the one shown is from the R2D2 vest. I was skeptical of buying from there as I though the prints would fade pretty quick and the fabric felt a bit too thin. So I thought they may not last very long. But I was pleasantly surprised when I first washed them that there was no marking or fading or creasing on the prints. Two of them I have now worn and washed frequently and still no change in the print or the fabric quality. The quality is there and pretty good to boot. They are still quite thin so I probably wont be wearing them mid winter on their own but they are great for summer and warm weather! Plus I highly doubt any vest would be suitable for winter on it’s own.
Recently I have also found they have a Website here, after a bit of searching I found that all three of the vests I purchased are not on the site, nor are some of the designs Ive seen at the stalls, so quick warning if you are looking to purchase the ones seen here you go the stalls in Camden. There is a contact form on the site so you could try that too. They also have a facebook page where most of the designs seem to be posted.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.

Bulbasaur Progress

I’m trying to put together a gijinka of bulbasaur, basically meaning a human version of the pokemon from the orginal 150. Below is the bulb I’ve made so far.
So this is my progress on the bulbasaur bulb for the end of the month. Its going, still not sure if its going well. Its all in one piece and sealed up with padding and backpack straps, which I forgot to add when I was doing the seams so Ive have to attach them to the outside of the bulb. The shape is there when I’m not wearing it but not once Ive put the backpack on, so more modifying needs to happen. I’m thinking if I sew the edges of the bulb over each other then it’ll look more like layers and create a rounded shape more like bulbasaurs.
Ive also go the dress to paint yet spots/marks on and the ears to make but they should take too long once the bulb is sorted. I was going to use the same fabric as the bulb to create the bulbasaur markings on the dress but I ran out of fabric so I figured hey why not just paint them on, and if this costume goes completely pear shaped I have made an awesome bulbasaur bulb cushion that is really soft! More progress later when I’ve actually made more of it!