Models Own Polished

This post is going to feature polish from Models own because there was a stall in milton keys that sells nothing but Model own stuff and they had a deal on nail polishes. I could resist and hopefully this will show you why! Can we just take a moment to appreciate that photos taken in

Nail Art Update.

A ying Yang Design, This one just came out messy. Not sure if you can see it but due to the way I had to keep layering its come out quite bumpy, nor did I clean it off around my pinkie nail. I did also have issues with the black, its quite old now so

Geeky Nails

So time for another nail post, these are some of the more geeky recent nails Ive put together. As usual please excuse the state of my hands, my job is quite manual so they get grubby sometimes. First up is a simple black and red design that originally was going to be a Deadpool themed

Shop Finds : Killer Bunny

Another Camden stall for you to stop by and check out Killer Bunny, yes that's also his website linked. Its an art shop/stall as Im sure you can see (he also has a couple of comics going). Its also the first place I bought a print. I tended to avoid buying prints because I always

Shop Finds : Yococo

One of my favorite places to wonder around is Camden, if you haven't been then please why not? Seriously its a great place to go. Yes there are a lot of shops on the high street that sell the same things for quite inflated prices but if you go past the lock there are some

Bulbasaur Progress

I'm trying to put together a gijinka of bulbasaur, basically meaning a human version of the pokemon from the orginal 150. Below is the bulb I've made so far. So this is my progress on the bulbasaur bulb for the end of the month. Its going, still not sure if its going well. Its all

Pastel purple blends

I've been a bit boring or uninspired with my nails lately. Though this one I was super in love with. Started with a purple base on all the nails and just did a simple blend with pink and blue. The colours just worked really well for me. And double bonus this photo was taken after

Nails, Nails and Nails

My Latest favourite thing to do is doodle on my nails. Our local Pound shop (The UKs answer to the dollar store) had some dotting tools and nail brushes going for, suprisingly, a pound. At the price I thought what the hell, go for it. Worst case I end up using them for something resin