Sandslash Gijinka

Time for another Cosplay idea. This time it's Sandslash. I actually designed this for a friend hoping it would inspire them to join us with a punk Pokemon of his own. I actually like this one, so if he doesn't do it I might give it ago. Although I do think if could be a

MjPool The Cosplay

The latest cosplay I am seriously proud of is MJpool. It was a cover variant on Deadpool where MJ dresses as deadpool with a cameo jacket. So the build didn't go quite as planned, getting hit by a car really put a spanner in the cosplay builds before MCM. But it's cool, I only have

A Jigglypuff Sample look

Lately I've been sampling the Cosplay world a little more. And it something I want to get more involved it. Unfortuneatly it is a very online base comunity because there are so many people from everywhere who are into it. And we all know how I am at maintaining an constant online presence. Its getting