Snow Photos

If you were in England in the last week you would have seen some snow. Seriously, we cannot handle snow, every thing shut down for three days. The road weren't gritted or anything. This post isn't about that though, what it was was a great oppertunity to play with my camera so I'm going to

5 on 15 : Invasion

This months 5 on 15 theme is Invasion! I tried to do something a little different with this month challenge. As I haven't really focused on the photography element of the challenges I that to want to change. I focused a little too much on trying to find something that fit the theme, so you

Resin Video Update.

Oh look a new video... Just a simple resin update. Some stuff on there that hasn't been posted anywhere else! Nah it probably has been posted somewhere. It took me long enough eh? Also set up a little newletter on the facebook page, I haven't put the templates together yet but Im working on it.