Crafting Troubles

The other day I was doing my resin thing, I went for my glitter collection as pictured (well some of it). Also noticing for the first time that it is fairly sparse… This was not a good sign…
Photo 10-03-2016, 15 53 50
So I had just pulled a cute frame from the mold, as you do. I also had a lovely set of lips to go with this frame. All seems to be going to plan so far, so I had this idea, go with a black glitter and make the piece really monochromatic, it would be stunning. Now this is where the I hit a snag.

I do not own any black glitter. *Insert face of horror here*

I know, what was I thinking? Black is the first colour of anything I go for. And how on earth did it take me this long to realize I don’t have black glitter? So trip to ebay it is.

After an hour of looking at shinny things on ebay, I have ten, that’s right 1-0, glitters arriving hopefully in the next few days. Perfect for the next resin session.