Emo Eyes : EveryDay Eyeliner

Eyeliner. The search for the perfect black one never ends, hopefully in this post I might offer a little insight into some that I have tried.

Every single day I wear eyeliner. Everyday. There are very few people in this world that have seen me without eyeliner. I wear it so much I think I look odd when I look at myself without eyeliner. So I can safely say I’ve tried a few of them. I will only be talking about pencil eyeliners here because I select my pencils with a different criteria than my liquids. Pencils tend to be for work or casual occasions and liquids or gels when I actually put effort into my makeup, so I’ll put together another post with the rest of my liners another time.

One of the biggest factors I consider when choosing an eyeliner, especially a pencil one, is how long long its lasts, I work long shifts and do a fair bit of manual labor so perspiration can be tricky to work around with makeup. So something that stays on my face most of the day is always a bonus! So will be talking about the longevity of each one. The other big factor is cost, because I wear it so often I do tend to stick to the mid range drug store brands.

Below you will find all the eyeliner reviews that I’ve tried.