Enchanting Eyes : PS Felt Eyeliner Pen

This eyeliner is different. Surprisingly different. *Spoiler Alert* It works! I bought this on a whim, I’ve been hearing so much stuff about the Primark beauty ranger lately I figured I would try a few bits a pieces. I was actually looking for an eye shadow pallet but none of them really spoke to me but I saw this eyeliner and a lipstick (which I’ll talk about another time) and thought for the price, I’d try it. So I have been trying it for the past couple of weeks. Read on to see what I thought.

Lets start with the packing. It looks like a black pen, nothing fancy, nothing special about it. Its light weight and feels generic. Not much to comment about it. I’m personally not a fan of the black and gold colours and the font looks a bit tacky, that’s just my opinion though. The lid clicks in place and holds really well so no chance of it falling off in your bag and covering everything in black.

It is fine felt tip pen. The brush nib feels fairly sturdy and draws a nice fine line. It seems easy to control and apply. Because the nib is so fine it draws beautifully under the eye as well in a really fine line that can be faded to nothing. Not usually a fan of pen liners, I always find the applicators blunt after a couple of uses and you don’t get as much control as when it was new. With this one, I’ve used it multiple times over the past couple of weeks and the nib is still firm giving me good control and a really precise line.

The colour is black. And its a true black no comments needed there really. It’s tricky to mess up black liquid eyeliner.

What really impressed me was how long this lasted and how well it wore. I always get the little gap right at the outside of my eye where my eyes water and the liner disappears. I didn’t with this. The only time I wore at the edges was when I teared up at the cinema.
I wore it over 8 hours and it still looked fairly fresh and complete. I was impressed to say the least. For me this is a big plus, one that might actually make this my regular eyeliner.

I will say the first time I wore this, my eyes tingled every so slightly. It faded pretty quick so it might have been because it was the first time I wore this formula. It was just the tiniest bit of tingling so if you have sensitive eyes I might be a tad wary of it, try first if you can.

£1.50 is all this eyeliner will put you back. For that price you cant go wrong, you cant get cheaper than that for a decent eyeliner. It great price point.

Final thought about this product? Buy it. If you haven’t already go out and just buy this eyeliner. Why are just sitting there, go out and buy it. Are you going to try it? If you have how did you get on with it.

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  1. I’m going to try it for sure now 🙂

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