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Link Exchanges and Affiliates

I’m happy to do link exchanges with nearly any site, standard rule of nothing offensive or vulgar. Leave a comment in the latest blog entry and I’ll get back to you.

Exit Links

I use a lot of things from various websites and have built up a fair collection of brushes, images, vector and so on. Now I have been collecting things for years and I am a bit of a pack rat in my hording. I do try and keep links to where I have picked things up from but sometimes its a little tricky. Here is a list of places that I have still got the links to or that still exist. If you think I have left anyone out or if there is a broken link somewhere let me know and I can update.


Leavemethewhite.com, Screenmusings.org, Magic-Hours, Cinemasquid.com, Cap.tacular.net, Cap-that.com, fishsticktheatre.com, hundland.org, Stargatecaps.com, Screen Capped


Abduzeedo, CreativeFan, PSD Fanextra

Misc sites



Punk Rose, Pink Pistol, Swim Chick, Ego Box, Vintage, at0mica, Fake Reflections, 99mockingbirds

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