Forgotten Favorites : Star Trek Voyager

This will be a a bit of a sparodic series of posts. Where I will randomly find something, most likely a book or film that I used to love but for what ever reason I’ve forgotten about. So I’ll be reliving the childish glee they used to give me.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Star Trek Voyager. Mum got me in to this one, she’d always been a fan of the star trek series and I always enjoyed watching them with her. Voyager for me, was aired at the age when I actaully paid attention more, if that’s the better right way of putting it. I was able to grasp the concepts and follow the plot and sub plots better. Dont get me wrong, I could alwys follow the episodes of the series that came before but this one was my favourite. Mayebe because it had a much stronger female presence maybe because I was just at the age where I could appreciate is diffrently. It may have even because there as a borg lead character. And Everyone knows that the borg where the most interesting species.

My favourite episodes I think would have been the ones that have the characters acting out of character, like ‘infinate regress’, which happened to be the one that made me want to write this post. Seven of Nine, developes multiplue personalities due to proximity to a destryed borg cube. In the episode she acts out all these different charcaters that she probably helped assimilate. Its a fun episode that actually lets you see more of the charcters devlope.

This is one of the few series that I dont really dislike any of the characters or epidodes. Some of the character did take a while to develope into themselves, like B’lana and Harry but even in the beginning they were a decent crew/cast that worked. The story lines sometimes seem a bit flat but, again, it worked. It was enjoyable. You didnt have to sit and watch every episdoe you could deep in a and out of the series happily without missing big chucks of the storyline.

I will admit that it probably wasnt the strongest series of Star Trek family but its one that I think I will always have a fondness for.

What are your feeling towards Janeway’s crew? Love ’em or hate?