Future Cosplay Plans

Being the beginning of the year I thought I would outline some of the plans I want to attempt in my cosplay life span. Lets start with saying that there is no way I will get all these done this year but these are some of the cosplays I want to attempt in the future.

I have posted this on instagram a while back but I got the idea of turning it into a blog post from here, having a blog about it allowed me to go into a bit more detail about each one.

The first is suprior spiderman. That time that Otto took over parkers’ body and basically became a cold hearted hero. Loved the reading series even though I haven’t finished it yet. I’m still missing one issue. The suit is stunning, I love the change over to black with a bit red and he has extendable legs added. Whats not to love? I wanted to do this version because I haven’t seen many superior spiderman cosplayers and because I could make little spider bots to with my costume. I feel like this is one of the first series that I actually followed from start to finish and found by myself, plus I’m a sucker for any spiderverse character.

Leeloo from fifth element. I’ve wanted to do this since my first con, I remember even having a conversation with my mother about doing it and I told her to google the character to see who I meant. Of course the first image in google that popped up was the one of leeloo in bandages where she is pretty much not wearing anything else. I don’t want to do that version as my body confidence is not that high but mum was like ‘Hanna, are you sure?’. That was a bit of a giggle. Seeing as this is one of my favorite films I need to be able to do it justice.

Mimikyu. I haven’t played the new version of pokemon yet but I heard about this one and fell in love with his story and character design. Its goth Pikachu.That’s so perfect I need to do it. When he first came out I did google some gijinkas of him and some of the cosplays out there are stunning so with him I will wait till I have the perfect inspiration for his outfit. I thinking straw-like fabric dyed yellowish is a good starting point but I haven’t gotten much further than that.

Legacy/Reaper Rogue, I need to do a classic Rogue at some point as well but I liked this one again because she’s recognizable and bit different. Plus she has a cape! I can be a strong southern belle with a cape! It will be done! Plus this one of few cape designs that I am totally in love with. In my head I’ve already designed the pattern to make it I just need to get my sewing skill level to place where I can actually put it in to practice.

Rei Ayanami, this one is close to my heart I have been a fan of evangelion for the longest time and Rei was always my favorite, beside Kaworu, so I need to do a version of her (and him). I kind of wouldn’t mind doing a lolita version as that is one of my favorite pieces of fan art ever, or doing her school uniform version as I already have a few body suits planned in the spiderverse so not sure if I would want to do eva suit too. I like to mix it up if you haven’t already guessed.

Mysterio from the spider verse. He was always one of my favorite villains from the 90s animated series of spiderman, quite simple because spiderman called him ‘fish bowel head’. I think his cosplay would be a really different type of challenge. Working with the fish bowl head, to make something I can see out of and that you can see into, and I would love to try to incorporate some sort of smoke release in the the cosplay itself. Plus cape!

Blossom from the Powerpuff girls. This one I have already planned out with a couple of friends so hopefully it will appear in May’s MCM London, if all goes to plan it’ll be a punk version of her. I never though I would want to do a power puff girl as I was never a massive fan, I enjoyed it but I enjoyed the villains more. Because we are doing the three sisters with a group of us, as a punk variant, I know I’ll enjoy cosplayer her a lot. The group will make it fun.

Chip and Cassandra from Doctor who. Again this one has been floating around in my head since I saw the episode with cat hospital. The idea is that I would be dressed as chip with the hospital robes and tattoos and I would have a Cassandra prop with me. Plus a little speaker that plays out ‘Moisturize me!’. It would be super fun! Again I have the blue prints for the Cassandra prop planned out in my head but actually skill level isn’t at a point where I can do it justice, because to get a con with it I will have to make it fold able and easy to carry. But don’t worry this one will be done, even if I have to convince someone to be my Cassandra instead.

Finally a Venom variant, The ultimate spiderman villain, for me at least. I have no idea which one I want to do but I will be doing something venom related. I have an idea of trying to incorporate pvc and black silicone to make the symbiote spread over something, giving it that organic slick oil feeling that venom has. I’m leaning towards a simple spiderman take over cosplay. Stick to the classics and you cant go wrong right? Again this is something that I need to play with before I can turn it into a cosplay.

And that’s 9 of the cosplays I want to achieve in my lifetime. Some of them I want get better at costume builds before I try as I want to do the characters justice and I want to be happy with the creations. When I do get round to building these, they will be things I were mulitple times so I want get them right.
I have a lot of ideas, I always have and I need to practice so many different skills to be able to bring these to life which I am working on slowly but if you have any tips then throw them my way!

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