Gijinka Pokemon : Meowth

Yeah, I’ve already started planning my next cosplay for MCM. Im hoping to finish it well before the con so I don’t have to rush through anything! I know the plan is create a Punk pokemon as there is a few of us going with the same theme.
The problem is that I didn’t know exactly what pokemon I wanted to turn Punk. I ended up just sitting down throwing some sketches together and I wanted to share some of what I had come up with. I am not going to share all of them at once as that would be a long post so I’ll share them one at a time with you.

Also if you are not familiar with what a Gijinka is, it means to humanize an animal character. Also forgive my drawing skills, I’m not a great artist these sketches are usually just to get the idea out my head to work towards something tangible.

Going to start with Meowth.

Gijinka : 1920s Meowth

First thing she is not punk, so I wont be going with this design at this point. Maybe in the future or maybe just for fun I might put this together but for now it will stay in a sketch. This is more of a 1920 flapper / Chicago sort of inspired look.
I took the main elements of Meowth, like the colouring and matched the dress to his body colour and then made the gloves and shoe the colour of his paws.
I struggled thinking out how to match his tail to the dress as I didn’t want to have just a tail on the dress, I wanted the look to be inspired by, more than just a cat lady in a dress so For the tail I though the bow at the back with a long ribbions coming off it could mimic the tail but in double. I did colour in the belt section/bow slightly wrong, it should be the same colour of the dress with the just the tips in brown.
The coin on meowths forehead would make a great 1920s head band without looking to out of place and the hair could be done in buns with a gold disc in the center to mimic the ears.
The dress itself would be a baby doll style dress with a crinkle top area around the chest and very free flowing skirt.
The necklace would be gold beads with gold coins placed randomly through the chain as meowth is know for his move payday. I’d also put gold sequins around the top of the gloves and maybe around the bottom of the dress hem. I haven’t quite decided on that as I would want the dress to be really flow and thing the sequins might weight it down a bit.
Stocking of course because I think of stockings when I think of flappers.

And that is the moewth gijinka from a maladjusted freak!

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