Kick Ass Kisses : Liquid Lipsticks

For the longest time I have wanted to try lime crimes’ velvetines. Its a liquid lipstick that drys matte.They look stunning, so pretty and so many extravagant colours.
Being in the UK they arent exactly easy to get hold of. Yes, the main website does offer world wide shipping. But at £7 for shipping and £15 per lipstick, that’s 22 quid, I cant justify that just to try it out. I mean what if it sucks or the colour doesn’t work for me, I could buy a couple of tubes to try different ones but still its not exactly a cheap mistake. At the time there wasnt really any liquid lipsticks on the market to try so I couldn’t even tell if I liked the application or even compare. So I left it and kept looking on Instagram and YouTube to see what others thought of it.
There was and still is a lot of controversy around LimeCrime which also makes me a hesitant to purchase from them. Which Im not going to talk about, go and google it if don’t know already, there are loads of blogs and videos out there about the Company that will inform all you wanted to know and more.
Looking back now, Im glad I waited. Some of the drug store brands are starting to come out with liquid mat lipsticks and I’ve also discovered Jeffree Star. Jeffree Star is the one that pushed me over the edge and made me buy one. I am so glad I did. Though now I want his whole collection….
Anyway on the topic at hand, I’ve acquired a small collection of various brands from the UK, you know living in England and all, and I wanted to share them for others who might want to try some but not know where to start.

Below you will find the write up for each brand I’ve sampled so far :

  1. Bonjour Rouge
  2. Freedom Pro Melts