Kick Ass Kisses : PS Lip Fix & Shape up

Golly gosh! Another lipstick post. I swear I do use other make up and there are some posts lined for other products but I am a bit of a lip junkie so enjoy anyway.

This time round I’ve been playing with a primark product. Now, I enjoy a good Primark purchase, like any one else but I never really expect much those purchases. Primark is the epitome of disposable fashion. Its great for it. Over the years I have purchased tones of stuff from there and not much of it lasts but then it is fairly cheap. So, as I said already I never expect much from them. I enjoy while I have it and don’t sweat it when its gone. I never tried any of their make up lines, so I figured it was time to try a few bits. Its youtubes fault….

What really caught my eye about this was the packaging of the liquid lipstick. It comes in a black tube that looks a little like a paint tube. I thought it was really cute and different. They have kept the colour scheme really simple, sicking to mostly black with white writing and a bit of detailing in the colour of the lipstick which in this case is a hot pink. It doesn’t look expensive, its fairly plain but simple and to the point. I really liked that about it. The liner follows the same principle and colour scheme, though it does have the pencil colour more prominent with lid being that colour. It works.

I did get both because I though this is primark make up, it will need all the help it can get to stay in place. Normally I don’t bother with liners. So this review/trial will be talking about both items.

Lets talk formulas and applicators, I cant comment too much on the pencil formula as I don’t use them very often, so have nothing to compare it to but I found it went on quite well, it was nice and creamy also felt very light. One thing I was a little worried about was that with the lipstick it would feel very heavy and think on the lips. It didn’t. Its a simple pencil, needs to be sharpened once its blunt which I don’t like in my pencils but is an industry standard. The colour was stronger than I thought it would be, it was opaque in a single layer so that’s a plus.

The liquid lipstick itself was a lot nicer than I expected too. It was really creamy, almost moose like and glided on really nicely and was opaque in pretty much one layer. A tiny bit of streaking but only if you looked really closely. Drying time was probably about two minutes and there was a little bit of transfer at first but didn’t fade the colour at all. I think it may have just been where I applied a little bit too much and the excess hadn’t fully dried.

As you already know I am a sucker for lasting lipstick, I hate re dappling so the less work the product is, the more I like it. I think one definitely lasted a good while. I think I wore it about six hours before it started to show some serious wear. It was fairly comfy to wear at first but did start getting a bit drying after a a couple of hours.

Over all, I’d probably buy this again, if there was more colours. I think I only saw three in store and they were pretty standard shades of pink, red and brown. For the less than a fiver for both, its a bargain.