Kiss Ass Kisses : Jeffree Star

Here’s the tea. I’m a Jeffree star cosmetics supporter. Every time he releases a range I serious lust after it. Luckily there are only a few places online that I can buy them so I only have five colours because I don’t like buying things without swatching. Though if you ever check out my wish lists its all Jeffree star lipsticks!

Today I am going to swatch and talk about the few that I have.

First up is Blue Velvet! This was my first Jeffree star lipstick because it blue and I’m a sucker for a blue lipstick.
The Jeffree star website quotes the colur as She wore blue velvet….” – Inspired by Bobby Vinton’s classic hit song, this vibrant royal blue is the perfect lipstick to make a statement. Its not wrong. When I saw this I though it was a really rich royal blue and under the right lights it can be, but there is a undertone of purple and everyday light it looks a lot of dark. What really wowed me at first was the liquid-y formula and colour payout. It’s so light compared to other liquid lipsticks and it stays in place for at least 8hours. This is the lipstick that sealed the JS rep for me and hooker me into following the brand.

My next colour is Water Melon Soda. Beauty Bay quotes the colour as A rich salmon toned coral. The swatch is much better colour repesentation of the colour, some how the photo of the bottle got really washed out.

I saw this colour released and straight away needed it. I didnt do my research on the colour properly so I was a little disappointed as its a much brighter colour on my skin tone. That put me off a little till I started wearing it. Once I actually wore it out I was back in love with the colour. This was release as a summer colour that I think has been added to main collection now.
The formula was little watery and patchy compared to Blue velvet, but layering a little fixes it eassily. Because the formula is a little more watery, thin layers are definitely the way to go with this one.

This was my first metallic liquid lipstick. Well this one and Dreamhouse as I ordered them together.
Beauty Bay describes it as Metallic ruby red, which doesn’t quote cover it as it has little blue sparkle in it. It does need a good strong light to see that blue shimmer but the metallic comes across in any light. I have to say this is probably one of the more unique colours I’ve seen. You get a lot of blue based reds but none that I’ve seen with that blue shimmer which is what made me fall for it.
I love how rich this colour is. Its so Jessica Rabbit!
The formula is more moose than liquid and that can be a little harder to apply, and the doe foot gets messier because of the moose consistency so the application can be a little less than precises but a lip brush spreading the formula can used if needed to tidy.
The only downside to this one is that is not transfer proof. Some product does come off if you touch the lips, not all of it but I’d avoid kissing anything you shouldn’t.

This is Dreamhouse, Beauty Bay says Metallic pink. (Holiday 2016 Collection). And this is seriously metallic! Its so shinny. I actually got this to go with a cosplay because I didn’t have anything this brightly pink so it was something different to add to the collection.
Again the formula is moose like, so application can be slightly messier like the other JS metallic, rich blood. It’s also not completely opaque, two layers and its perfect but one later lets you change the colour slightly, I do mean slightly. I only noticed because I was after seriously hot pink look for my cosplay so I layered it.

The last one I have is Calabasas. I’ve been feeling more wearable colours lately something my collection lacks a little. This colour seemed so wearable with everything. Its almost a chameleon colour, I haven’t seen anyone that it doesn’t look good on yet. This formula goes back to the classic liquid-y texture which is great to apply.
This is honestly my favourite lipstick colour ever! Which is not something I thought I would say over something not blue.

The doe foot on all the lipsticks is the same shape, with a little dip in the brush. I find this does help with the application, especially on the upper lip near the cupids bow.
Each bottle has a lid that clicks into place to say it’s locked which is definitely piece of mind if you’re like me and tend to just drop them into a makeup bag.
All the formulas are so comfy to wear, they dont over tighten on the lips like some long wear liquid lipstick do and they all do seriously wear for a long time, even rich blood which can transfer a bit.
My only real concern is the brand photos that come from Jeffree star website don’t always seem entirely accurate for me. I know it because he uses great lighting but that does change the swatches a little. When selecting your colours I would seriously recommend that you check out multiple images or videos. They aren’t massively off but sometimes enough that you might not get exactly what you are looking for.

What have been your experiences picking colours online?

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