Lip Balms Choices

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I have a thing for lip balms, not in the sense that Im addicted to the them just that I need them. My lips get so dry all the time. And in the winter forget it, they are just cracked bits of painful skin. It horrendous. So I figured that I would do a bit of a write up on the ones I’ve tried. And I have tried a fair few because if we are honest, no one can keep hold of a lip balm for more than three weeks. Yeah they turn back up for short intervals every now and then but ultimately vanish again very quickly.

burtbeesThe first one is the newest one I’ve picked up, it’s a Burt Bees Ultra conditioning, ultra revitalize. I found this one in Holland and Barret and had heard good things about the brand in general so figured I’d give it a go.
It smells fairly nice, kinda like sweet wax, its a pleasant scent. It applies nice and smoothly and feels light, you don’t really notice on unless you press your lips together. Though when it first goes on it does feel a bit waxy. This is supposed to last four hours, it didn’t. It seemed to evaporate after about 1/2 hour so I needed to apply it quite often. As for the Ultra conditioning, ultra revitalize aspect of it, it didn’t seem to make any long term difference. When the balm was on my lips felt moisturized and for a short while after it seemed to feel softer and more moturised, but after about an hour they dried up again. I didn’t feel this made any long term difference at all.

BABYLIPS-ELECTROThis was a impulse buy for me, I saw it in boots at check outline and though it looks fun. I picked up the Pink Shock.
There was a sweet berry scent to it, which was nice. It has a colour tint to it, which I love, it’s a subtle but gives a touch of colour if you’re having a pale day. The balm itself supprised me, it felt like a really light and not that greasy or oily. Again this is supposed to last about 8 hours, again it didn’t, but evaporate/absorb immediately, it seem to fade after about an hour and left my lips feeling mosturized. One thing to watch is if you like to apply lip balm regugualry through the day is to watch your application because of the colour tint it can be messy if you’re not careful.

colaThis was another impulse buy, form Primark of all places. I actually bought two, a vanilla coke and a sprite. I think I’ve also tried the cherry coke one but that one was a long while back.
These both smell so delicious! Both like their namesakes, though sprite just smells citrus sweet as the drink doesn’t really have a strong smell. They both tasted yummy too, again tasted just like their namesakes. But their moisturizing qualities were non existent, if we are honest. They feel non greasy, light and seem to offer a light layer of protection against the elements but don’t last long, and because they taste so yummy you find that you do lick your lips a bit more than usual. Which if you are chapped lip sufferer then you know that’s not a good habit.
They are great novelty items but they are more for the fun, if you are in need of serious re hydration or lip protection then skip these ones.

Nivea Lip BalmThis is one I bought at boots, one I bought on purpose for a change. I’ve always like the Nivea body moisturizer so I thought I needed one for my lips.
No smell to this one, so not much to say about that. It goes on really smoothly. This is probably a slightly heavy lip balm but not greasy or waxy, which makes it perfect for winter giving an awesome protective layer against the elements. I do find that the heavy formula makes it uncomfortable in the warmer days. This probably lasts a good few hours and does actually leave my lips more hydrated. Usually a couple of days of use and most of the chapped-ness (is that word?) is pretty much gone.
I will say that if you go for the Nivea ones don’t go for the tinted pink one, it comes out really frosty and because of the pastel tint the colour doesn’t build well.

vaseline-lip-therapy-aloe-vera This is my standard go to for lip balms. I think I have four or five floating around, the original, coco butter, Aloe Vera, and Paint the town red (a limited edition tinted one).
Now there is a bit of controversy over Vaseline because its a petroleum product. Its not a moisturizing product, I’ve always viewed it as a protective product. If that makes sense. When you apply it it creates a lasting barrier between your lips and everything else. Trapping in your lips natural moisture, more importantly preventing the drying elements for attacking your lips, whether its your saliva or the wind or the cold, it keeps everything off your lips. This stuff works for me, brilliantly. Its so easy to apply, yeah it feels a little greasier than some of the other but it lasts longer too. So a bit of give and take there. I do prefer the Aloe Vera and coco butter ones they do seem to make my lips a little smoother than the original.

Thats my balm for the minutes, least I think that’s all of them…. Have you tried any them, what did you think? Or do you have one you’d recommend?