MjPool The Cosplay

The latest cosplay I am seriously proud of is MJpool. It was a cover variant on Deadpool where MJ dresses as deadpool with a cameo jacket.

So the build didn’t go quite as planned, getting hit by a car really put a spanner in the cosplay builds before MCM. But it’s cool, I only have a level two sprain in my ankle so had to use crutches for the con itself and even now I am still having trouble walking but its getting better. I will admit there was a touch of irony over the con weekend as both my cosplays were deadpool based so that made me chuckle though my agonizing pain.

I was going to wait till I was fully healed before I wrote this post so I could take some photos without the crutch but its healing so slowly.

Can I just say that I look dammed good with red hair!
First off I made everything but the suit! I was going to cut the suit in half so I could show the midrift like she does in the image then I remembered I don’t like showing my mid drift… Everything else I tried to get about right though.
I know I need to work on the posing, I have no idea how to pose. I have already made a deal with Candyylocks to teach me before con next year.

I was so pleased with the jacket but dammed it was warm, I ditched it half way through the day because it was just too hot. It was a basic varsity jacket that I glued cameo fabric to, I even made it so the pockets were usable!
I managed to stitch together all the holsters and pouches, the pouches were a bit too big but I ran out of fabric before I started so had to improvise a little. The straps I think used the wrong webbing, halfway through the day the friction of the straps started making the suit bobble. I was actually heart broken there but I think I can fix the suit.

The swords were awesome, even if they were completely unfinished! I made them from pipes. Such a cool process to do. And the blades did really look awesome, the handles not so much. I covered them in red tape just so I could use them for the day and then they also broke. Well the holder broke so I will have to re build. Not a problem. I think I do want to re visit this cosplay because it was so fun.

Once other thing that I need to do before I finalize a cosplay, is a wear test. I don’t know how clear it is in the photos but I didn’t think how the straps and sword holster would work with the jacket. It all sorta bunches up on itself and looks a bit weird. Where as the actual artwork has her sword straps under the jacket and swords on the outside. I know it artist liberty but I could have easily fixed it by putting a slot in the jacket for the straps to come through or attaching the swords to the jacket.

The mask/hat, I opted to go with was a pre-made hat that Cut and glued the eyes on to so I would have used it as a half mask too! I didn’t because walking was already a bit of hazard but I could have.

Over all, I was seriously pleased with this cosplay! I mean I loved it! I really didn’t expect to as much as I did because I’m not a massive MJ fan but something about the art made me want to do it. Once I’m back on my feet I will be taking more photos of this one without the crutch because I love it that much.

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