Models Own Polished

This post is going to feature polish from Models own because there was a stall in milton keys that sells nothing but Model own stuff and they had a deal on nail polishes. I could resist and hopefully this will show you why!
Photo 01-03-2016, 15 51 40

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that photos taken in direct sunlight always come out so much better and one day I will have a whole page of beautiful nail photos because I followed the rules and took all the photos daylight.

(Left photo)This was a another dotting tool one, I like the dotting tool it just so easy to use. Not sure if you can see it either but that base colour is metallic lilac and surprising shinny too. Definitely one of my new favorites. Photo 04-03-2016, 12 27 20

(Right photo)This one has received an absolute tonne of compliments, probably because it pretty much glows in the dark, so you cant exaclty miss it. I couldn’t resist that yellow though, its so bright even when I tried it in the stall without a white base it looked neon. Ive tried neon yellows before but this one really took the cake and raved with it.
The dotted design didnt really work that well with it, I think next time something a little more contrasting might be better. You know because I need to blind more people with bright nails. Photo 06-03-2016, 17 12 41

(Left photo)This I think is my favorite of the latest nail I’ve done. Because of the that sheer polish im holding is awesome. Its a blue tinted with a really fine pink iridescent glitter. Another one that is so shinny and light catching that it was tricky to get a decent photo. I kinda wish I’d done the pink heart in a slightly more pastel colour but putting that shimmer over lot still brings it together really well, more of a pastel shade just would have worked a tad better.
Now I have to think of more pastel design so I can use this shimmer so much more!