More Kittens : Nyxie

A couple of posts previous I talked about my two kittens, mostly about James, you can read that here if you haven’t already. This post is going to be about Nyxie.

This little fur ball of trouble is the brave one, maybe a little too brave for her own good. She is always the first to do something, she has even made a dash or two outside! Luckily she gets out the door then freezes because its so different and she’ll have to be picked up and brought back in. She also the more cuddly of the two, she will just come and sit on your lap, or in may case my laptop. The first time I met her, she crawled up my chest and just sat there purring. I just fell in love with her there and then.

If it moves and she can get to it, its hers. Doesn’t matter if you then move it out of her reach and tell her no, she will find away to get it back because its hers. Also anything that ruffles is hers, any bags in the house are hers, your feet under a blanket are hers. Basically she thinks everything is hers. Shes a bit of a madame.

Her favorite place of all time is your shoulder. She loves watching what you’re doing and because she knows that she’s not allowed on counter tops she will climb up your back and perch on your shoulder. Sometimes it does hurt as she does use her claws to climb but I got used to it, mostly. As she gotten older she has gotten gentler and seems to understand that her claws can hurt.

In all honest I have never met a more loving pair of kittens, they literally follow me everywhere. Nyxie will get right in to the action of what every I am doing while James sits back a bit but I always have to be within sight. Nyxie will happily steal crafting supplies right out of hands if she can, so sometime we have to be a bit careful with what left out. But they are a cleaver pair, they don’t always do as they are told but they understand and will do it if they feel like it.

Keep an eye out for them on my instagram if you want to see more of them!