Nail Art, sorta

Cleaning out the blog and computer of random things and I found a few nail arty photos that I never got round to posting. So that is what we are going to look at today.

This one was created with models own everything! I love their metallic range. This was their dark blue, silver and gel black. The design was made just a simple dotting tool. I always feel like putting that extra dot in the second colour looks so much better than a plain dot on its own.

I’ve done a design similar to this before with hearts but I seriously love this colour combo. The top coat was a models own again that shimmers pink and blue. I feel like it really makes the two colours match better, if that makes sense.

Possibly my favourite design, looks like funky tiger stripes. Also took me the longest to get right. You would not believe the amount of times I restarted the design, I kept putting too much on the brush so it turned in to a hot mess. This was made with a fan brush and just dipping the tips in the polish then very light brushing it over the nail.

Can we also take a moment to notice that all the images are fairly well lit and you can clearly see the actual nail designs! Check out my learning skills. 😛