Review : The Faculty (1998)

So I have seen this film a few times, but not for a good few years. The basic premise is that aliens are taking over a small school by taking over the faculty, hence the name of the film. A group of misfits find out by witnessing the death (and infestation) of the school nurse. The film is a classic retelling of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, of which is makes obvious references to. I remember the first time watching it thinking this is not going to be enjoyable, I am not a fan of horror but this doesn’t try to be a horror, it leans more towards the scifi but even than it doesn’t really feel like one. Its just enjoyable. thefaculty
It plays on the standard stereotype misfit kids that appear in nearly every Teen movie out there, what made this one stand out for me is the cast, they seem to embody the stereotypes brilliantly, even the way they mesh together or don’t in some cases, it just works. The cast is actually one of the reasons I ended up watching again, it came on tv and I was playing in photoshop, sitting there playing ‘oh I know you from what ever’. Not only was the casting spot on, the script is quirky enough that it is entertaining even if the story line is a little predictable, then again it wasn’t my first screening of the film. I think that first time I watched it I didnt expect the Queen to be who it was.
The effects also seem to stand up well for the age of it, they aren’t quite the crisp images that we may be used to in modern films but they don’t look as fake as some of the heavily CGI’ed films that are out there.
Over all, it’s one of those films that I can watch again and again, and one that I would definately recommend to some one who is just looking for a good film.

I will leave you with my favourite quote of the film from stokely; ‘I always thought the only alien in this high school was me.’