She wears…. Nail varnish …. Again…..

Photo 19-11-2014 21 24 22

So lets start with Hats, I bought this one at the MCM and it is the fluffest cutes cat hat in the world. I may look about twelve in it but it has ears! How can you condone and Hat with ears. <3 Oh and the Necklace is one I made!
Photo 06-12-2014 18 44 33

This is such a rubbish photo. The top had ruffles all over the front which doesnt reflect in the image. Shame. But I love the shape of this outfit. It looks like Ive got such an hour glass figure. And the shoes that went with this, my stunning black spike boots. Another loving it moment.

Now this is what you really come for isnt it? The Nails :p

Photo 18-11-2014 23 31 11 Photo 22-11-2014 11 55 03

Two gradients to start. I picked up a couple of new glitters from Barry M and had to do something with them and gradients are something you cannot go wrong with. The glitters are great they clean off so well which is always something that puts me off glitters and they are so shinny I honestly could not resist.

Photo 06-12-2014 11 34 08

Holy smokes Batman she took a photo in direct sunlight! Yeah so photos in sunlight look far better than in the dark with a lamp, who knew. You can see a definate improvement in the gradients each time I do them. With this one I wanted to jazz it up a bit more and just dotted in red up the side of the nail then dotted white inside the red and made an almost cross over pattern. I will be doing more versions of this one in the future.

Photo 05-12-2014 23 23 24

I took a much bolder approach with this one. Not sure what spurred it on but I really wanted to something in Green and Black. Again this design will probably pop up a few more times.