Shop Finds : Killer Bunny

Another Camden stall for you to stop by and check out Killer Bunny, yes that’s also his website linked. Its an art shop/stall as Im sure you can see (he also has a couple of comics going). Its also the first place I bought a print. I tended to avoid buying prints because I always think I’ve got no where to put them but you know what? When you spot one you really like you will find a place that you can frequently see it and go awww when ever you walk past… Well that might just be me but you get what I mean.

Jeff Michalik, is the name behind these fantastic illustrations, he is based in the Market stall building and I think the stall is open all week, 10am till 6pm. Killer Bunny seems to be an orginal character that features very strongly over that stall, (and looks wicked in both senses of the word) and features in his orginal comics, which at some point I will pick up. There are also some of the classic super hero character drawn in the same style that makes them seem a little darker and slightly twisted compared to their traditional imagery. The one that really caught my eye was the venom piece pictured below, a favoured Spiderman villian of mine.
This one was his smallest sized print, an A5 size which I even manage to fit into a overly decorative/fancy frame, it kinda works though doesn’t it?

This stall is definaly worth a check out. I always have a quick nosey as Im passing. If you cant make it to Camden you can check out the site, it even looks like He’s been to a few MCM in London so it might even be worth trying to find him there.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.

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  1. Cool stuff … what a good artist he is 🙂 thanks for sharing

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