Shop Finds : Yococo

One of my favorite places to wonder around is Camden, if you haven’t been then please why not? Seriously its a great place to go. Yes there are a lot of shops on the high street that sell the same things for quite inflated prices but if you go past the lock there are some great little
stalls in the market place with wonderfully unique things. Little by little I will try and post a few of my favorites with a couple of buys from each one (if I have bought something from them, of course.)

The first place I would like to bring to your attention is Yococo. They have two stalls, one in the main market place near the stables and one near the food courts. Its a simple stall with purely t-shirts and vests. I’ve personally bought three vest from there at a fairly reasonable price.

IMG_7029.JPG IMG_7027.JPG
These were my first two buys. An Xmen top featuring Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue. You don’t see enough xmen merch out there so I had to get this, double bonus as Gambit and Rogue are on there. The second it R2D2, I’m not a massive starwars fan but the acid wash on this worked so well I couldnt resist. Plus you get a discount if you buy two.
If you didn’t already know, Venom Rocks my socks. I saw this one and pretty much squealed which could be seen as embarrassing as I was on my own at the time. But I got a Venom vest so there.

All their vests are one size fits all which normally I hate, not being a size 0 which I swear most ‘one size fits all’ tops are designed for (I normally fit 14-16s comfortably). These fit really well without pinching in the wrong unflattering places. Each of the tops is marked with the logo at the side there, the one shown is from the R2D2 vest. I was skeptical of buying from there as I though the prints would fade pretty quick and the fabric felt a bit too thin. So I thought they may not last very long. But I was pleasantly surprised when I first washed them that there was no marking or fading or creasing on the prints. Two of them I have now worn and washed frequently and still no change in the print or the fabric quality. The quality is there and pretty good to boot. They are still quite thin so I probably wont be wearing them mid winter on their own but they are great for summer and warm weather! Plus I highly doubt any vest would be suitable for winter on it’s own.
Recently I have also found they have a Website here, after a bit of searching I found that all three of the vests I purchased are not on the site, nor are some of the designs Ive seen at the stalls, so quick warning if you are looking to purchase the ones seen here you go the stalls in Camden. There is a contact form on the site so you could try that too. They also have a facebook page where most of the designs seem to be posted.

Quick note : This is not a sponsored post and all the photos are taken by me for this post.