Snow Photos

If you were in England in the last week you would have seen some snow. Seriously, we cannot handle snow, every thing shut down for three days. The road weren’t gritted or anything. This post isn’t about that though, what it was was a great oppertunity to play with my camera so I’m going to share some of my favorite photos.

Snowy Shovel

The subject wasn’t the most interesting, but I just like how the snow was sitting on the shovel handle and how the drops were on the glass in front of it, I think it made a nice little composition.

I just like photographing drops of water on glass.

Attempting to capture the texture of snow and ice on a plant. Again the subject isn’t the most interesting but I like the look of it.

Snowy Plant
I did try and go a bit artsy with this one, again trying to capture the different textures and whites in the snow. I think I was starting to get the hang of it.

Snowy James
Of course I had to snap one of James in the snow! we let them out to see what the snow was about and he did not like it. Look at his expression. He was not a happy kitten.

I was quite limited on where I could snap photos this snow storm as my foot is still healing and I didn’t want to risk slipping in the icy patches, plus walking in the snow was kinda painful as I kept walking on uneven ground. Hopefully next time it snows I’ll be healed and I can go for a wonder and capture something a little more interesting.

I had massive amounts of fun snapping these though, gave me a change to play with more manual settings and learn a bit more about capturing the texture in a photo.

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