Studio London brushes!

About a month ago I bought these studio London brushes, from super drug, they were in a sale and looked half decent and for the price I though what the hell? Even if I get a months use out of them they will do the job.

They look alright don’t they? The two single brushes on the left were £1.66 each and the set of three were £1.99. For that price I really thought they were worth a try. So here\s a quick round up of my thoughts after using them

The first single brush is described as an “Angled Eye Brow Brush”, I don’t do a lot with my eyebrows so of course I don’t use it for that. I’ve been using it to draw precise lines in the eyes shadow and under the eyes. Its a little dense and can be a little harsh if you are a little too vigorous with it but it works and it holds product well. I love it.

The second brush I got is described as “Blending Eye shadow Brush”, this I do use for it described purpose. Its fairly fluffy, not my favourite blending brush if I’m honest but it does the job. Its still a little dense so it sometimes picks off more of the eye shadow than blends it but mostly only with the cheaper shadows, so think that is more to do with the shadow formulas than the brush.

This set of three is described as a “Blending Brush (pictured top), a Slanted Brush (pictured bottom), and a Smudging Brush (pictured middle)”. This was the best value for money I think. The blending brush and slanted brush are very similar to the two individuals ones we’ve already discussed, though the slanted brush is a bit thinner. The smudging brush is very dense and great for packing product on the eye which is probably why I like it.

I have washed them as well, and as we all know when you wash a cheap brush they tends to be the end of their life. With these I didn’t notice a difference besides them being clean, the bristle softened a little which was better for the blending brush but didn’t really impact the use of others. They kept their shape when they dried and the bristles didn’t shed away.

For the price point these are at I would strongly recommend them, they hold product well when trying to apply it with very little fallout. They are a little on the dense side so when using them in any pallet I would stay go slow on the pallet when you first use them. Just to get used to them. the first time I used it in a pallet they did produce a bit more kick back than some of my other brushes.

I loved them so much that I bought two more sets of the three in the January sales, because they have been further reduced to 99p so definitely a bargain.

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