The Kittens : James

I can’t believe that I haven’t made this post yet. This is basically going to be me showing off my beautiful kittens; James and Nyxie. I’m pretty much going to be writing them a profile as you’ll probably be seeing them floating around images everywhere. Going to start with James then write Nyxie up in another week.

We bought them about three months ago, technically they were my birthday present as we are finally in a permenate place that means we can have pets again. And I love them so much!
Their breed is called a Ragdoll and they are purely indoor cats. They cannot go outside at all. This particular breed has no homing sense so if they get lost they tend to just wonder in a straight line and never find their way home again. They’re called rag dolls because when they are lifted or carried they go limp. Well, they are supposed to. These two will only be held if they want too. Nyxie even has a habit of climbing my back to sit on my shoulder to watch what ever I’m doing. Especially if I’m in the kitchen. James on the other hand is much bigger so he try’s to stretch his way up but won’t actually climb up. He knows he’s too big.

James is the younger of the two but he is a fair big bigger than Nyxie. In fact last time we went to the Vet he weighed 4kg to Nyxies’ 2kg.
He was named after James bond, so we’ve affectionately nicknamed him 006 because he isnt quite as debonaire at 007. This is his general expression, he always a little supprised and curious about everything. But he is vert cautious. He will follow nyxie if she does something but he is a bit of a scaredy cat and wont do something on his own. He is incredibly loving but only when he feels like he wants a cuddle then he’s very demanding for it.
His favourite game at the moment is to pull down all the tiolet roll and make a little nest out of it. Its the cutest thing. He hates being left alone and will always follow you about the house, though he likes to pretend he’s a tough cookie.
He absolutely loves sitting in the highest places he can find and will happily chill there and watch the room, sualyl till Nyxies comes along and bugs him to play. He loves to be craddled like a big baby, I think because it the easiest way to tickle his chin and tummy.
Brushing for james is a big no no. He just wont stand for it, doesnt matter how many treat you have or if you tried when he was asleep he will just walk away if he see that brush.

Stayed tuned next week for details of Nyxie!