The palette recycle swatches!

Last post I wrote about the palette that I broke up and added other pigments to, then repressed. This week I want to show the swatches talk about how the colours came out and if I’ve made a success out of it.

I took two types of swatches to try the new colours, the first was a brush swatch, then a finger swatch, and I showed the pan after it had been swatched to see if there was a lot of fall out.
I’ve also made up new names for the colours.

Silver Dreams (Silver) – Made with a little bit of every silver I owned and a little bit of loose holo glitter. I even added a little bit of coconut oil to act as a binding agent so that it didn’t just flake away when the brush hit the pan. There was a lot of fallout with the brush, you can see it around the brush swatch. The holo didn’t work at all, which is disappointing, I’d love a holographic palette. The brush stroke swatch is a little weak but could work as highlight the eye so I’m not too disappointed. I get the feeling this is will have an awesome foiled effect if used wet.

Light Bruise (Purple) – This one did not come out as vibrant as I hoped, I did add a little silver in there so it would shimmer but I think that helped dilute the colour a bit. It

Industrial Nightmare (Dark Blue) – I think this one came out just right. I actually prefer the brush swatch as there is the slightest shimmer of purple to it that gets lost in the finger swatch. it feels like a steel grey blue. Theres not much fallout either so bonus!

Skylight (Light Blue) – I like how this one looks so dark in the pan but then you get a sky blue swatch. Again some of the colour fades with the brush and there is a tonne of fallout from this one but I can live with that and like it.

Neptune (GreenBlue) – I love this one. Not much fallout, the colours match pretty well on swatches and it’s one of my favourite colours.

Meadow(Green) – Im on the fence with this one. The colour is there, a little fainter on the brush swatch but there. The fall out of this was immense. Like seriously everywhere.

Crown (Yellow) – This one was the biggest disappointment. I know I added some strong yellow pigments there and while I swatched as I was mixing it, it looked strong. That brush swatch is nearly invisible. I might try it wet but I don’t have much hope from it. I might see about ditching it an re mixing something else there.

Soft Blanket (Pink) – This as a pleasant surprise. It was swatching right when it was being mixed but the colour is so soft and pretty. Barely any fall out on and the swatches are both pretty strong. The pan is also dented when I tried to pop it from the palette, lesson here is to make sure that the pan is fully heated before you attempted to remove it.

Work (Orange) – Another surprise one here. I didn’t have much to work with on the orange spectrum so mixed in a few reds and yellows to try and make it pop and it worked. Both swatches are pretty even in colour though fallout is there.

Oscar (Bronze) – I adore this one. The colour is perfect and so strong. There is a fair bit of fallout but I can over look that due the colour payout. It looks so metallic!

Gold Bar (Gold) – Similar to the bronze, though less fallout. I love it, it looks so metallic.

Faun (Forest green) – I have mixed feeling about this one. I think I added too much brown and gold, it was supposed to be more of a forest green with a hint of brown but it looks like a greeny gold. There is barely any fallout and the swatches came out strong a even but it wasn’t quite the colour I was going for.

Overall, I think I did alright for a first palette mix up. None of the colours are perfect but I learn a lot from it and I think I will be using the palette so it wasn’t a waste. Also Im pretty sure that using some of these wet would be awesome, so aside from the yellow I think Ill be able to get a lot of use from the new colours. I’ll also add wet swatches next time I do this just so I can see if I am truly happy with them.

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