The Palette recycle!

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of make up de-potting and pressing videos and of course I wanted to try it but I have nothing to de-pot my pallets in to… Well yet.
I did have a half used sleek palette that the mirror broke on. And it basically gotten a bit battered because I take it everywhere. I though this would be ideal to do something with.

I don’t have a picture of the palette before has as both palettes have be heavily used. The palette I used was Divine Palette Shadow Collection from Sleek and the photo is curtsy of Superdrug where you can also pick up the palette if you it tickles your fancy.
The image really doesn’t show how shimmery it is, its a really metallic finished with an awesome colour palette for such a cheap price. And the colour will last all day, the shimmer though doesn’t fade a little.

First thing I did was break up all the colours in thier pans. There is an empty pan there as the black that was in there was pretty much gone, so I’m going to try pressing some pigments in there.

Here is a clearer shot of the colours broken up. I love shots of broken pans in a palette, it just looks so fun. You can see from the image that they do look very shimmery.

Then I started adding in various pigments to slighty change the colours and to refill the pans. I did mix up the pigments slighty by using mattes and shimmers so we will see how it comes out!

Yellow – added more golds and yellows to make the colour pop more.
Pink – Added hot mat pink because this was not bright enough for me.
Orange – Started of a peachy nude shimmer but I again wanted a spicy orange

These three were my favourites so I tried to replicate the colours with the pigments I had.
Bronze – Just added bronzes
Gold – Just added gold with a little yellow to lighten to the orginal.
Forest green – I mixed browns, copper and Green to try and mimic the orginal

Silver – This was the empty pan, I filled it with silver and loose holo
Purple – Im a sucker for a purply blue so added lost of blue and purple to this one.
Night Blue – This blue was always a bit dark so added a lighter green blue

Light Blue – I added silvers and holo to this one as I have so many blues that so similar.
Forest Green – I tried to replicate this one to the orginal as I love this colour.
Green – I wanted something brighter so just added highlighter green

This is the colours all mixed up and waiting to be pressed. If you ever do this your self then watch how much alcohol gets added, start with less then add a drop or two more if you need it. In some of the colours I added way too much and it took days to dry out. Also the palette itself broke, the lid broke off its hinges so I could close it fully. I ended up de potting from the palette so the pictures will reflect that.
Also as a side note, if you are ever going to try something like thsi I would strongly recommend de potting the pans from the palette, as you can see my palette got messy really quick and it wasnt the easiest to clean up after. I also ended up putting some small dent in the pans and almost damaging the colours.

This are the final colours, in no particular order. Now this post has got super long so I’m going break it to a two parter and look at how they wear and swatch. I might even name the colours, any suggestions for that?

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