To Dos

Basically a list of blogging challenges that I will take part in.

Photography Challenge
The point of this challenge is to take a new photo each day, but feel free to use old photos to use each day.
Day 1: A photo showcasing your favourite colour.
Day 2: A photo of shadows.
Day 3: A close-up photo.
Day 4: A nature photo.
Day 5: A photo of the sky.
Day 6: A portrait.
Day 7: A photo from a distance.
Day 8: A photo looking down.
Day 9: A landscape photo.
Day 10: A photo of a town/city.
Day 11: A black & white photo.
Day 12: A highly-textured photo.
Day 13: A photo that depicts happiness.
Day 14: A photo of people.
Day 15: A photo that depicts sadness.
Day 16: A photo looking up.
Day 17: A photo taken at night.
Day 18: A monochromatic photo.
Day 19: An animal.
Day 20: A dark photo.
Day 21: A photo inspired by your favourite artist.
Day 22: An indoor photo.
Day 23: An action photo.
Day 24: A photo with a reflection in it.
Day 25: A light photo.
Day 26: Two (or more) photos in one.
Day 27: A photo of something you enjoy.
Day 28: A photo depicting something you do every day.
Day 29: A recreation of a photo you took a long time ago.
Day 30: A colour-filled photo.
Day 31: A self-portrait.

31-Day Fashion Challenge
Day 1: Favourite pair of shoes.
Day 2: An outfit perfect for summer.
Day 3: Favourite pair of pants.
Day 4: Favourite pair of boots.
Day 5: Favourite skirt.
Day 6: Favourite dress.
Day 7: Favourite nail polish.
Day 8: Favourite makeup.
Day 9: An outfit perfect for winter.
Day 10: Favourite piece of jewellery.
Day 11: Favourite socks/stockings.
Day 12: Favourite casual outfit.
Day 13: Favourite formal outfit.
Day 14: Dream prom dress.
Day 15: An outfit perfect for the mall.
Day 16: Favourite swimsuit.
Day 17: An outfit perfect for the beach.
Day 18: An outfit perfect for a day of sports.
Day 19: Favourite fabric.
Day 20: Favourite jacket/coat.
Day 21: An outfit perfect for spring.
Day 22: Favourite blouse.
Day 23: An outfit perfect for autumn.
Day 24: Favourite accessory.
Day 25: Favourite fandom outfit.
Day 26: An outfit inspired by your favourite movie.
Day 27: An outfit you’d gladly wear while traveling.
Day 28: Favourite outfit with warm colours (red, orange, yellow).
Day 29: Favourite outfit with cool colours (green, blue, purple).
Day 30: Favourite outfit with neutral colours.
Day 31: Favourite all-time outfit.

Nerdy Challenge
Day 1 – Favorite super hero
Day 2 – Favorite super villain
Day 3 – Favorite sci-fi or fantasy TV show
Day 4 – All time favorite sci-fi film
Day 5 – Most hated sci-fi film
Day 6 – All time favorite fantasy film
Day 7 – Most hated fantasy film
Day 8 – Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy TV show
Day 9 – Favorite classic sci-fi or fantasy film
Day 10 – Favorite anime
Day 11 – An obscure movie, video game, or TV quote
Day 12 – Favorite geek-nerd meme
Day 13 – Favorite comic book
Day 14 – Favorite online comic
Day 15 – Favorite nerd food
Day 16 – Favorite nerd beverage
Day 17 – Favorite celebrity nerd
Day 18 – Favorite nerd website
Day 19 – Favorite podcast
Day 20 – Favorite console video game
Day 21 – Favorite PC video game
Day 22 – Favorite arcade game
Day 23 – Favorite table top game
Day 24 – Favorite thing about being a nerd
Day 25 – Least favorite thing about being a nerd
Day 26 – Describe your nerd shame (something all nerds should do, but you don’t)
Day 27 – The least nerdy thing about you
Day 28 – Favorite piece of geeky tech
Day 29 – Post your computer specs or a picture of your computer set up.
Day 30 – Post a picture of you doing something that epitomizes your nerdiness.

Comic Challenge
Day 01 – Your first comic book.
Day 02 – Your favorite character.
Day 03 – A comic that is underrated.
Day 04 – Your guilty pleasure comic or character.
Day 05 – Comic character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Day 06 – Most annoying character.
Day 07 – Favorite comic couple.
Day 08 – Best series being published right now.
Day 09 – Most touching comic book/comic book scene.
Day 10 – Dream Vs match.
Day 11 – Favorite comic book cartoon series.
Day 12 – A comic everyone should read.
Day 13 – A book you’ve read more than five times.
Day 14 – Current (or most recent) comic-themed wallpaper.
Day 15 – A Picture from the comic you’re reading right now.
Day 16 – Funniest comic book/comic book scene.
Day 17 – Most useless Villain.
Day 18 – Favorite B-list character.
Day 19 – Comic book city/universe you wish you lived in.
Day 20 – Favorite super power or skill.
Day 21 – Favorite writer.
Day 22 – A comic book second volume which disappointed you.
Day 23 – Your favorite artist.
Day 24 – Dream Character Team Up.
Day 25 – A book you plan on reading.
Day 26 – A comic you wish they would make into a movie.
Day 27 – Favorite comic book movie.
Day 28 – Favorite comic publisher.
Day 29 – A comic you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 – Your favorite run or series of all time.

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